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Winterizing Your Rochester New York Windows

Jan 06, 2022

We turn to our homes as places of comfort. Especially when it comes to winter, we want to stay warm and cozy while waiting for spring to return. Unfortunately, even with preemptive measures, cold air may still find a way into your Rochester house. Even just a draft can make some spaces uncomfortable and make your heating system kick into overdrive to keep up. Winterizing your windows is one helpful tool in preventing the winter chill from making its way in. In addition, you can use several methods to keep the cold air out this winter season.

Finding Drafts

If you notice cold air coming into your home, you’ll first want to assess where it is coming from. In particularly windy conditions, you may easily feel the movement in the air. In other cases, it can be beneficial to hold a match or lighter to your trouble spots and watch for movement in the flame. You can also use an incense stick and note areas where the smoke gets pulled in a specific direction. If your windows are a clear culprit, start by giving them an inspection. Check to make sure that the glass panes themselves are in good shape. If they are cracked or broken, replacement is often the best option. You’ll also want to examine the seals around your window. If they appear dried, cracked, or missing, you’ll want to replace the seals to prevent further drafts. If there is no major problem, there are several different ways you can winterize your windows to keep cold air at bay.

Insulation Options for Your Windows

There are a few different options when it comes to insulating your New York windows. If you can get behind the trim, you can use batt insulation or spray foam. Both forms of insulation will prevent cold air from coming through. It is essential to be sure that you are purchasing the current insulation for window-specific treatment. You can also use weather-stripping, which works great for windows and doors. Again, it is vital to make sure that you purchase the right kind to see the best results.

Caulk is another excellent option for adding insulation around your windows. Caulk is inexpensive, and while it can take some time to get the technique down, it is relatively easy to master. Polyurethane caulk is recommended since it is paintable, doesn’t shrink, and doesn’t attract dirt and dust particles.

Insulation Kits and Temporary Solutions

Insulation kits are a quick and easy way to prevent winter drafts from entering your home. It is a seasonal fix but does a great job when applied correctly. Insulation kits typically include plastic shrink film. This film is applied to the indoor window frame using double-sided sticky tape. Once in place, a hairdryer can be used to shrink the wrap in place and remove any wrinkles.

Bubble wrap can be an excellent option for those in warmer climates where there aren’t many colder winter nights. It can also be a perfect quick fix while waiting for a more permanent solution. You’ll simply measure your bubble wrap to the size of your interior window. When ready, mist the window with water and press the bubble wrap to the wet surface, bubble side down. You can seal edges with tape for added insulation but be mindful that it could lift paint when removed later.

Magnetic window insulation is another excellent temporary solution for preventing drafts. Unlike traditional insulation kits, magnetic insulation allows you to have access to your window in situations where you might want to open it. In addition, magnets hold the insulating vinyl in place, making it easy to lift and move as needed.

Drapes and Cellular Shades

If you are looking for a more fashionable fix than insulation kits, drapes or cellular shades may be the perfect option. Thermally lined drapes can be used year after year and add a stylish touch to your Rochester New York home. However, for best results, you’ll want your drapes as close to the window as possible to stop cold air from getting further into your home. Cellular shades provide a more versatile look and can be custom ordered to fit your window’s exact specifications. In addition, since cellular shades aren’t as heavy, they can be used year-round.

Storm Windows and Reinforcement Options

Storm windows are a great preventive measure against high winds often associated with winter storms. If you don’t currently have storm windows, they are easy to find and purchase. In addition, they can be easily installed for the cold winter months and replaced with your regular screens once the weather turns warmer.

Reinforcement of your windows can be another great option. For example, if you have a large double pane window with one sash lock, you can install another lock. This provides additional security as well as prevents air leaks.

Buy New

If drafts are common, it may be best to consider purchasing new windows. This can largely depend on the age of your windows. Older windows don’t often have the same efficiency capabilities as newer options that are available. When purchasing a new window, you’ll want to keep an eye on their Energy Star ratings. The better the rating, the less likely that cold air will get through to your home.

Insulating Your Windows This Winter

No one wants cold winter air entering their home. However, even the slightest draft can affect the temperature of a room, making your heating system work harder and raising your utility bills. There are several temporary and long-term insulation options for your Rochester windows. Many of your window winterizing options are cost-efficient and easy to do yourself. What matters is finding the best solution that works for you and your family. If drafts are a constant issue, or if you notice any cracks or breaks, a complete replacement might be your best option. What matters most is your comfort within your home. If you are having issues determining the source of any drafts in your house, it could be helpful to have a professional come and assess your home. They may be able to spot any other trouble spots you may not have noticed.

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