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Window Shopping: 6 Inexpensive Ways In Indianapolis to Add Beauty and Warmth

Feb 20, 2022

With everything that has happened in the last couple of years, home improvement has had to take the backseat for many homeowners in Indianapolis Indiana. While this is understandable, there are still plenty of amazing, inexpensive options for making your space warmer and inviting. This secret is all about your windows. Your windows play a huge factor in how your home is perceived both inside and out. If you are looking for simple ways to add a new look to any room of your home, windows are the place to start.

Window Upgrades

There can be several reasons why you may want to upgrade your windows. For those on a budget, certain upgrades can be delayed or avoided altogether. If you are dealing with sills and frames that look weather-worn and outdated, a simple paint job can be all you need. When it comes to cosmetic issues, a coat of paint goes a long way.

You’ll want to consider the material of your window frame. Some materials may need a special primer to ensure the life of your upgrade. Painting your windowsills can create an entirely new look for your home. If you’re looking to really make your space pop, you can paint your window frames a drastically contrasting color from your walls.

Budget-friendly window upgrades can be done both inside and out. When it comes to the exterior of your home, window boxes make a beautiful touch for the appearance of any home. All you’ll need is some building material, soil, and whatever you’d like to plant. You can choose beautiful flowers that will bloom in the spring and summer or herbs that can spice up any meal or drink. If you don’t consider yourself much of a gardener, fake flora can work just as well, or other outdoor décor too. You can even change the theme of your window boxes to match the changing of the seasons or holidays.

Protect Against Drafts

Drafts can make any space feel uncomfortable, especially in seasons in Indianapolis with fluctuating temperatures such as summer and winter. Your windows are often the key culprit in raised energy bills and unwanted temperature shifts from room to room. Unless the window is cracked or broken, there are cost-efficient ways to stop drafts. Caulking or weather-stripping are both great options for protection against the cold in the winter and keeping the AC-cooled air in during the hot summer months.

Another way to spruce up the look of your space and protect against drafts is with curtains. You can buy curtains of heavier material that can help to block out any colder air from trying to enter your home. Thicker curtains not only help protect you from drafts, but they also tend to look more expensive and luxurious.

Curtains also provide several DIY opportunities. They can be made of nearly any material, even shower curtains, tablecloths, or pillowcases. Seasonal tablecloths are a great option as a curtain for individuals who love to change the look of their space. This can be even more budget-friendly when purchased out of season.

Adding Beauty on a Budget

The secret to adding beauty on a budget is your curtains. Curtains can do much more than just protect against drafts and add a layer of privacy. Curtains are an inexpensive way to play with the way the rooms of your home are perceived. Ways to make your space more beautiful include:

  • Covering walls with curtains. This is a great way to play with the appearance of your space. When your curtains extend from floor to ceiling, no one will know where your windows truly stop, and the walls start. This can give your space a more open appearance, providing you the options to play with several curtain styles and textures.
  • Place the curtain rod higher. There is a misconception that the support rod should be close to the window frame. This can be a practical approach, but moving the rod up higher provides a taller and wider look to your windows.
  • Extend curtain rod beyond the window. Another great trick of the eye is extending the rod beyond the window. It gives the window an appearance of being larger than it actually is.
Utilize Layers

Layers are a great way to make your Indianapolis windows appear more elegant without having to spend a ton of money. There are three basic layers when it comes to making your windows look more beautiful. The first layer is the most basic. Its primary function is providing privacy and blocking out the light. This layer also provides a uniform look for your following layers.

Your next layer is a sheer fabric. The most popular options tend to be lace or voile. This layer can provide some privacy, but also allows light in without blocking the overall view. Your final layer is your drapes or scarves. This layer is where you can let your personal style and design really come through. You can play around with bold colors and patterned fabrics.

Embrace Color

The space around your windows can change the look of your home as well. Painting a space is always a budget-friendly way to add something new to your home. In general, white walls don’t add much to a living space. A cool, darker color can really offset a white window frame. If you’re looking for an easier project, painting the window frame a bold contrast color can make it pop. When it comes to your surrounding décor and curtain color selections, color can always add great dimension to your space, especially when placed around the window.

Add a Little Life

If your windows are feeling bland, plants can be a great addition around any window. You can choose plants that can sit on the windowsill, vine plants to wrap around your window, or even hanging plants that just require a quick hook installation. There are plenty of plants that are both budget-friendly and require little maintenance. Small touches like this can really turn your window into a real focal point of your space.

Window DIY

Our windows play an important role in our household. They are a practical necessity as well as a reflection of our style and design. Home remodeling in Indiana doesn’t have to be expensive. There are several budget-friendly projects that can completely change the look and feel of any space. When it comes to your windows, you can do practical updates such as window sealing and painting. You can also do fun and functional projects such as curtain DIY and placement.

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