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Why DIY Roof Maintenance Is Never a Good Idea

Dec 27, 2021

Roof maintenance is something that feels quite rare to most people. That’s why when roof issues do come up, especially ones that seem minor, your instinct might be to try to fix it quickly yourself. But, unfortunately, DIY roof maintenance seldom ends up well. From DIY repairs that can cause more damage than what you started with to the dangers that come along with roofing, making sure you hire a trusted professional is crucial to ensure your roof is fixed safely and correctly.

The Problems with Trying DIY Roofing Maintenance

Roofing can be a dangerous, complicated job, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are just a few of the potential issues that come along with roofing maintenance when attempted by yourself at home:

  1. Working on Roofs Is Dangerous

One of the biggest reasons that DIY roof maintenance is not recommended is because it is dangerous, and even more so for someone who does not have any prior experience. The dangers include:

  • Working From High Elevations

Roof repair is nothing to take lightly. Unfortunately, those who do it have to climb to some extreme heights to get the job done. Because working on roofs requires people to be working at high elevations with little to no protection, falling is a significant risk. However, safety guidelines should be known and followed when performing at these heights that most amateurs would be unaware of.

  • Can Result in Serious Injury

Because you are working at a higher elevation, a fall or other mishap can result in serious injury. Roofing experts have to be especially careful when working because there are no boundaries or stops on a roof to help prevent a fall. In addition, neck and spine injuries can occur from falls at heights like these and can potentially ruin people’s motor function completely.

  • Working in the Elements Is Harder

Another issue people tend to forget about when going to attempt roof repair themselves are the natural elements working against them. Whether that be wind or rain, you are not only operating on a time crunch, but you have to be prepared for the unexpected. Heavy wind can make jobs much harder as equipment blows everywhere and materials can’t be lined up correctly. With many repairs, they can’t wait to be fixed and can cause the damage to worsen.

  • Not Taking the Correct Precautions

When working on a roof, certain safety precautions need to be taken and there are guidelines that must be followed to perform the job safely. Without these simple precautions, someone can be seriously hurt, and the job can be ruined completely.

  1. Poorly Done Repairs

Incorrect repairs or repairs done poorly can often result in even more work needing to be done on the problem area. For example, roofing is much more complex than you might think, with different layers that interlock and lay specific ways. Therefore, it’s important that the structure of the roof is not bothered drastically, or the integrity of the entire roof can be ruined. There’s also the potential of you creating a leak or causing more damage from what you thought was a quick repair.

  1. Void Warranties

Most roofs have warranties on them that guarantee they should last anywhere from a decade to 30 years. With a warranty still in place, necessary roof repairs can often be funded by the company that installed it in the first place. But, if something on the roof is incorrectly repaired or if the homeowner messes up while trying to make a repair, the warranty can become void and can no longer serve its purpose.

  1. Increased Project Length

DIY repair is time-consuming. You not only have to take the time to teach yourself a new skill, but you have to teach yourself how to use new equipment and perform a repair, too. In addition, if anything is messed up or done incorrectly, the project can lengthen. Because of this, DIY projects can end up taking much longer to repair than if a professional roofing company was called instead. However, with professionals like us at Erie Home, we already have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to fix your roof quickly.

  1. Costs More

For many that attempt DIY roof repair, they don’t have the equipment or the materials to perform the job. Tools, equipment, and materials can add up quickly in price and can often cost the homeowner more money when they are trying to save it. In addition, common mistakes like using the wrong size tool or applying the material in the incorrect position can have lasting effects on the quality of your roof and damage it more. Avoid extra costs by having someone you can trust fix the issue on the first try.

Common Roof Problems

If you experience any of these common roof problems, don’t try to fix them yourself and instead call a professional who can make sure the job is done safely and correctly.

  1. Leaks in the Roof

Roof leaks are the most common and sometimes the most damaging roof issues a homeowner can have. Even when they start small, leaks can affect your home on the inside by eroding the structure, creating soft spots, or causing mold.

  1. Broken or Missing Shingles on the Roof

Shingles can break or go missing often. As your roof gets older, the sealant that helped the shingles stay strong may start to wear off. Just call up your local roofing business and let them know your issue, and they’ll be able to fix your roof within a few hours.

  1. Tree Can Cause Hidden Damage to the Roof

Damage from fallen trees can cause a lot of damage that can’t always be seen. Trees can also slowly chip away at your roof by rubbing up against it every day. By having a professional assess the damage, they’ll be able to diagnose the problem and start fixing it much quicker than if you tried to do so yourself.

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