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What to Expect In Appleton with Metal Roof Installation

Jun 04, 2021

If you are considering having your current roof replaced in by a metal roof in Appleton, Wisconsin, you may be curious as to what all is involved in a successful installation from start to finish as you wait for this beautiful addition to your home. Anyone who is new to the idea of having a metal roof should be aware of the complicated process so that everything goes smoothly, and the end product is as perfect as you expect it to be. Oftentimes, problems with leaking roofs, reduced lifespan, faulty construction or other issues can be directly related to poor or haphazard installation. To avoid any unwanted headaches along the way, it’s wise to become familiar with the step-by-step process so that you can address any concerns before they lead to a failed project.

Preparation is Key

It is wise to plan ahead when securing the professionals in you need for installation. Fall and winter in Wisconsin tend to be less busy times for installers and therefore may be more available and cheaper! Additionally, it’s actually safer to avoid the extreme heat that spring and summer brings when exposed up on a roof.

The first step to a successful installation is precise and accurate measurements. Cutting the metal panels needs to be an exact science with no room for error. Poor measuring techniques or imprecise cutting of the panels will leave your roof exposed to the elements and cause problems such as mold growth, exposed rough edges, rust, and roof coating failure. To prevent any of these things from occurring, good advice is “better safe than sorry.”

On a roof where there are skylights, curbs, or penetrations of any kind, precision is absolutely crucial and the installers’ ability to get the preparations perfect can make or break an entire project. Look for this type of feedback from customers who have used the roofing company in the past and avoid anyone who has failed to properly prepare a roof before starting the job.

Metal Roofing Materials

The most common complaint with a faulty metal roof installation is leaking. Keep in mind, metal does not leak; therefore, if your roof is leaking water or moisture of any kind, it is most likely due to one of the three following errors:

  • Fasteners that have been tightened too much.
  • Fasteners that have not been tightened enough.
  • Fasteners that are installed off-center.

Roof fasteners must also be connected to the correct clips and pre-drilled purlins. Inadvertently connecting the fasteners to the wood furring strip may cause the fasteners to move over time and create holes in the panels or break the sealant which will result in leakage.

Sealants and Flashing

Sealants that are damaged, missing, or applied incorrectly result in leaks. Sealants are the material that keeps dirt, water, and debris out and should be applied under the panels where it can’t come in contact with the elements. Over time, harsh weather can break down the sealant and cause damage to it.

Flashing is the material between roofing materials and things like skylights, vents, and chimneys. The function of flashing is to provide a waterproof seal between roofing and non-roofing materials so that no water is able to enter the actual structure of the roof.

Rust and Corrosion

Proper handling of metal roofing materials so that they are not scratched or scuffed is important to prevent galvanized and Galvalume sheet metal from rusting or showing evidence of corrosion. Any scratch or rough area can allow moisture to penetrate the metal base and will rust over time causing damage to the roof, stained exterior, and an unsightly home. Ensure that your expert installers use special lifting devices and do not walk on the roof panels during installation.

Prevent Oil Canning

The term oil canning in metal roofing refers to the visible uneven or buckled panels where they should be lying flat. Often, the substrate is to blame for oil canning. Using a slip-sheet between the metal panel and the materials under the panels can prevent oil canning. In some cases, the surface of the underlayment acts as a type of slip-sheet that will prevent the materials from sticking in a way that prohibits the natural movement of the panels from occurring.

Expert Installation Crew

As you can see, the process of metal roof installation is complicated and tedious. A moderate-sized home should take a few days for installation, or up to a week for larger homes. If attempted by a novice without the guidance of an expert crew leader, the job may fail, and you will be left greatly disappointed. Researching the experience of metal roof installers is an important part of the process. Many companies will gladly share previous customer reviews and even phone numbers so that you can interview them about their experience. This feedback is valuable in helping you choose the right person for the job.

Future Maintenance and Warranty

Despite the undertaking it requires to have a metal roof installed in Appleton, the good news is, in the end maintaining your metal roof is the easy part. The fact that metal roofs are often referred to as “maintenance free,” is truly what draws customers to exploring the option of this type of roof. Product warranties are generally anywhere from 20-30 years, and this is about the life expectancy of a metal roof that is properly installed. You should not expect any leaks, structural damage, or rust/corrosion within this time frame. If you do, you need to contact the roofing company immediately.

It is a good idea to do a full inspection of your metal roof approximately once a year to look for any debris that needs to be removed or fasteners that may be starting to come loose. You should be able to tighten a fastener that needs it without too much trouble. There may be instances where you will want to give your roof a gentle wash or cleaning to remove dust, pollen, or stained areas as well as times where sealant may need to be refreshed due to damage. Generally, aesthetic maintenance is the only thing you may need to worry about and that will be up to you. Some companies may offer services to inspect and clean your roof for you. Inquire with the company individually if this is something you are interested in. Otherwise, metal roofs are hassle-free and add a design flair to your home that is hard to duplicate.

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