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What to Expect During Your Pittsburgh Metal Roof Installation

Jun 23, 2019

Many Pennsylvania home owners need a new roof, but dread the work and money required to make that happen. It’s a costly process that requires time, interruptions at home, money, and trustworthy people to provide services in proper installation of the roof.

Or does it? Metal roof installation is the easier way to get a roof without the cost and worry many home owners fear. Here’s how this works.

Metal Roofing

Many homes are moving to metal roofing and there are many reasons why. These reasons include energy efficiency, cost, warranty and lifespan, and installation. It’s important to understand each of these points in moving forward with selecting a metal roof. Each of these pieces of information provides one more reason why a metal roof is the way to go.

Energy Efficient

Metal roofs are energy efficient for any Pennsylvania home. They have reflective paints that keep the sun from heating the home. This feature provides a cooler home and less need for an air conditioning system. Because the air conditioning system isn’t needed as much, the energy costs of the home are reduced. This gives metal roofs one major point in the positive direction.


The cost of a metal roof will pay for itself in all the features it has. The energy efficiency is one way it pays for itself, and the others lie in the warranty and lifespan. While it may seem as though metal roofs cost more, you replace them less often and they are more energy efficient, saving you money. These factors provide another point toward the positive.

Warranty and Lifespan

Erie Home Midwest

The warranty of a metal roof has a minimum of 40 years. With a warranty this long, it’s no wonder so many are turning to metal roofs for their home. Adding this to the energy efficiency brings the outlook on metal roofs to a more positive view. Most shingle systems have a maximum of 20 years for a warranty. After this time, they have to be replaced. Metal roofs start at a 40 year warranty and work their way up. These roofs could be around longer than you. Their lifespan is another reason they can pay for themselves because you may never have to replace your roof. If you do, it will still be twice the lifespan of shingles.


Installing a roof has never been easier. Metal roofs are so easy to install on your Pittsburgh, you can do it yourself. In order to install a metal roof, you simply need to follow the instructions based on the type of roof you’re installing. There are multiple types of metal roof, each with its own installation, and each is easily installed with instructions.

Common Misconceptions

Many people have misconceptions about metal roofs and their capabilities. These incorrect notions are part of the reason many still refuse to have metal roofs as an option. One of these misconceptions revolves around installation.

It’s been said that you still have to remove old shingles and roofing materials, as you would with shingles, to install a metal roof. This is untrue. Metal roofs are able to be placed over an existing roof without any changed having to be made. The only changes that are being made to the roof is the addition of the metal roof and its installation process.

Another misconception is noise. Many feel they’re noisier than shingles and asphalt roofs because they’re metal. This, also, is untrue. Metal roofs are typically quieter than other roofs because the layers of past roofing remains under them. This acts as a padding and tends to cancel out some of the noise. While you can still hear things outside, it’s a dulled version of the real noise because of the metal roof and the many layers of past roofs underneath.

Lightning is not an issue with metal roofs. There are people who believe that metal roofs attract lightning because they’re metal. This is untrue. Lightning doesn’t like metal roofs because they are electrical conductors. Lightning strikes looking for a way to reach the ground. Metal roofs will not allow it to reach the ground and, therefore, lightning tends not to like metal roofs.

It’s also untrue that metal roofs will catch fire. Whether they’re struck by lightning, covered in hot ashes from a wildfire, or sitting atop a burning building; metal roofs are made to be fireproof. They will not catch fire, no matter what the situation.

Metal roofs are also resistant to insect damage and rot. Your home and the wood underneath the metal roof are safe from rotting and any insects, such as termites, that might seek to do damage to your home.

Tips for Installation

If you’re looking to install the metal roof yourself, these tips aren’t necessary for your work. However, if you’re seeking to hire a contractor, it’s important to follow these steps for the best experience during installation of your new metal roof.

Step 1: Choose the best Pennsylvania contractor and bid for the job. It’s important to know your contractors and ensure you’ve chosen someone who can and will do the job the right way. Knowing your contractor has the skills and knowledge to perform the work to the best of his or her ability is the best information you can have for this decision.

Step 2: Prepare for the installation. Be sure your building is accessible and cleared of any debris so the workers have easy access to install your roof. Clean your yard to ensure any trucks or equipment they may need to bring is able to reach the side of the building for full access. Be sure your neighbors and children are aware workers will be coming and things could be noisy for a while. Ensure your pets are ready for strangers and okay with possible loud noises. If they aren’t, you may want to ask a family member to watch them or board them until the work is completed.

Step 3: Expect the unexpected. Know that a lot of people will be around your home and there will be a lot of activity and loud noises. With metal roofing, the noises aren’t terrible, but there will be a lot of people and activity. Keep in mind it’s best to let the professionals work. Don’t hover over their shoulders and ask questions. If you do have questions or concerns, talk with the main contact person you’ve dealt with since day one. They’ll help with any questions or concerns you might have and help ease your worries.

Step 4: Be sure you have all the important information. Know how final payments will be collected. This part is important because if you’re expected to pay the day they pack up, you’ll need your payment ready. You’ll also need to know how they accept their payments; should you write them a check or have cash on hand? Do you know your warranty information? That’s an important part as well. It’s important to know how the warranties are handled in case you need to use yours in the future.

Step 5: This is the final step. Inspect the work yourself. Has it been done to your liking? Is something out of place? You should inspect every aspect of the job before the workers leave to ensure nothing needs to be fixed or redone.


There are so many reasons to choose metal roofs for your Pittsburgh home. The best part is the easy installation. Even with a construction crew, installation is fast and low maintenance. Once the metal roofs are on, there is no maintenance to the roof and it stays clean with nothing more than the rain to help it.

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