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The Facts You Need to Know Before Buying Replacement Windows In Dayton Ohio

Aug 03, 2020

When your Dayton home’s windows are aging, they don’t just make the home look dated and unattractive. They could also be causing problems that cost you a great deal of money over time. One of the most significant issues homeowners face due to old windows is heat loss, but there are many ways that old windows can be a hassle that nickel and dime your bank account and create more problems than they are worth. If you have older windows in your home that you are constantly repairing and dealing with, consider these reasons why it may be time to replace them.

Heat Loss

Perhaps the most costly long-term problem that old, worn-out windows create for homeowners is higher utility bills due to loss of heat in the winter and inefficient air conditioning in the summer. When windows are no longer sealed properly, they develop gaps along the frame, cracks, and places where heating and air conditioning can escape your home. This, in turn, requires your HVAC system to work harder to heat and cool the house, which runs up the cost of using your HVAC system. New, more energy-efficient windows are a great way to alleviate the problem and see huge savings on your monthly bills.

Keeping Them Clean

One of the things that often make older windows in Ohio look unappealing and detract from curb appeal is that they are difficult to clean. Homeowners tend to put the chore on the back burner. Unfortunately, the dirty windows take away from the overall look of the house. Replacement windows today are designed to make cleaning a breeze. Most modern windows can be opened into the house so that you don’t have to worry about spending a whole day climbing ladders and scrubbing them from the outside.

If your old windows develop condensation on the inside with changes in temperature and humidity, it can be a bigger problem than just impeding your view. As the condensation forms on the windows and runs off onto the trim, it can cause the wood around your windows to rot, which is a very expensive and time-consuming project to fix. Replacement windows are less likely to develop condensation and help to protect the structure of your home.

Maintenance Tasks

If you have older painted windows in your home, you likely know that you must keep up with scraping the old paint and repainting them. This chore is tedious, but it is necessary to keep the old windows looking nice and prevent the frame from rotting and falling apart. Replacement windows are made with vinyl or aluminum cladding that eliminates the need to perform this chore and keeps window frames strong and attractive for many years.

Improved Maneuverability

Old windows tend to expand and contract with the change of seasons, and their frames get cracked, split, and worn over time. In many cases, this makes the window hard to open and close, so many homeowners simply stop opening the windows to enjoy the cool, refreshing breeze. Installing replacement windows allows you to open and close them easily, and also helps to save a little money on air conditioning on those days when it is comfortable to open up the windows and let in some fresh air.

More Comfort in Your Home

If you have older windows in Dayton, they are most likely single pane windows that make your home feel hotter in the summer sun and chilly and dry in the winter months. Replacement windows are made with more efficient double-pane glass that helps to eliminate this greenhouse effect and keeps your family more comfortable all year long. By allowing natural light into your home, while protecting against heat from the sun and condensation, new windows will reduce the need for window shades in the summer and keep the humidity in your home at a more comfortable level when it’s cold outside.

What Types of Replacement Window Frames Are Available?

Once you have decided to replace your old, damaged windows with newer, energy-efficient windows, you have a few options to consider. The window frame is the place where most people start, as it contributes to the beauty of your home, and the durability of the window over time. The primary types of replacement window frames include:

  • Aluminum frame. High-impact aluminum frame windows are often a good option if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes or has mild weather year-round. In most locations, however, they are not the optimal choice. Aluminum is a highly conductive material, so if you live in areas where temperatures fluctuate greatly from season to season, the extreme outdoor temperatures can transfer into your home and increase energy costs. Condensation of the frame and the glass of aluminum windows is also an issue in humid climates.
  • Composite frame. These windows are constructed from a mixture of synthetic and natural materials that are bonded together with an epoxy resin. They are more durable than wooden windows and can be painted to complement the color scheme of your home. Their drawback is that they tend to be more expensive than vinyl windows, and don’t offer the high level of energy efficiency that vinyl windows do.
  • Wood frame. Although wooden windows offer a classic look that homeowners love, they require constant staining or painting to protect them from the elements and are susceptible to warping and rot due to moisture. In addition to being a more costly option, wood frame windows generally have a shorter lifespan than other frame types and don’t offer as much energy efficiency.
  • Vinyl frame. Vinyl frame windows are among the best on the market and come in three options: builder grade, replacement grade, and energy-efficient replacement grade. Energy-efficient replacement grade windows are the best option when replacing your old windows, their durability and savings on utility bills will offer the highest return on your investment.

Replacement grade vinyl windows provide more durability than wood, composite, and aluminum options. Still, they are not as strong as energy-efficient grade vinyl and may not save you money on energy costs.

Builder grade vinyl windows are the least expensive of vinyl varieties, but they are intended primarily for new construction and are prone to fading and warping over time. They are also less energy-efficient and do not produce the return on investment that energy-efficient vinyl windows do.

Deciding on the best replacement windows in Dayton Ohio is not a decision you should take lightly. Be sure to know the difference in the types of windows available, and discuss all options with your contractor to make the purchase that is best suited to your needs.

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