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The Beauty of Specialty Windows on Your Grand Rapids Home

Jul 24, 2019

When it comes to home windows, Grand Rapids, MI homeowners have lots of customization options for specialty windows. These windows can fit in virtually any space inside a home, adding a unique design element as well as functional benefits for the home. If you’re thinking of ways to improve your home with simple renovations or if you have a space on a wall that you think would be ideal for a unique window style, consider these options for specialty windows.

Half Round Windows

Half round, or arched windows, are simple half circle-shaped windows, commonly placed above entryways for a brighter, more inviting welcoming space for a home. You could also add half round windows above existing rectangular windows if you have the space for more natural light inside the home.

Quarter Round Windows

A quarter round window is essentially half of a half round window, shaped like a quarter circle. Many homeowners place these windows side by side for a unique take on the half round window shape. They can also be fantastic additions above windows flanking a chimney to create more visual interest inside a peaked living room. Some homes with unique layouts could see improved natural lighting by adding quarter round windows on stairway landings, near ceiling angles, or over entryways.

Oval Windows

Oval windows can be a beautiful addition to any Grand Rapids’ home. Typically consisting of a solid oval piece of window glass within a frame, many homeowners choose etched or gilded oval panes and turn their oval windows into beautiful interior design elements. These windows allow more natural light inside the home in a unique way, and installation is simpler than you might expect for such an unconventional window shape.

Full Circle Windows

A full circle window is exactly what it sounds like: a circular window that may be either a solid pane or an openable window with a vertical or horizontal closure. A circular window can be a great choice for many home styles. Similar to oval windows, many homeowners choose to use full circle windows as design elements, but they can be functional, too. While many oval windows do not open, you can install full circle windows that open in unique ways.

Cathedral Windows

Many homeowners in the Grand Rapids area enjoy traditional beauty when it comes to home design, and cathedral windows might be the perfect option for homeowners looking for a classically beautiful window option. Cathedral windows earned the name due to their likeness to the large arched stained-glass windows of most cathedrals. Many homeowners prefer cathedral windows as aesthetic additions, but it’s certainly possible to install functional cathedral windows that open. “Cathedral windows” can also apply to very large, arched window spaces in a home. These windows look especially wonderful in large rooms with vaulted ceilings.

Octagonal Windows

Octagonal windows offer a pleasing geometric shape that fits with many home aesthetics. Commonly spotted at the tops of vaulted ceilings, smaller surfaces like stairwell landings, and attic rooms, octagonal windows are simple to install and look great with various design styles. Like other solid pane window styles, octagonal windows are ideal for etching or other decorative touches.

Ellipse Windows

Similar to half round windows, ellipse windows are common additions above entryways and existing rectangular windows. They feature a shortened half-oval shape with two radii, so an ellipse window is not quite a full half oval. These windows are great for allowing more natural light into an entryway that does not have enough vertical clearance for a larger half round window.

Installing Specialty Windows

Homeowners in the Grand Rapids area can probably find several places inside their homes where specialty windows would fit beautifully. Some of these windows may open while others feature solid glass, and placement can have a dramatic impact on the interior and exterior aesthetics of any home.

Adding any type of window to your home requires cutting through the interior and exterior walls, so be sure to talk with a professional. Without the right tools and experience, you could unintentionally cut through supporting structures, wiring, or other important hidden elements of your home’s structure during installation.

Take time to research the window installation experts in your area. Find one who has the appropriate licenses and professional credentials to handle the work you require. Ask friends and family members for their recommendations and pay close attention to customer reviews posted online. Once you find a reliable and experienced contractor or window installer to handle your specialty window project, installation could take only one day depending on the type, placement, and size of the specialty window you have in mind.

Specialty Window Maintenance

Specialty windows like cathedral windows, half round windows, and ellipse windows have many of the same features as typical windows; they will require cleaning and maintenance like any other windows. However, some of them may be hard for you to reach. For example, if you have a high vaulted ceiling that extends over the main staircase of your home and a cathedral window installed in the space, you may need an extendable duster to clean the top of the arch. Smaller oval, round, and octagonal windows placed at the tops of vaulted ceilings may present similar challenges, but you generally don’t need to worry about fingerprints, streaking, or messes on the interior surfaces of windows situated close to the ceiling of your home.

Clean the exteriors of your specialty windows the same way you would clean your standard windows. Ladders, power washing tools, or simply a hose and nonabrasive cleaner may be all you need to clear away accumulated dirt, debris, leaves, and other particles. If you don’t feel safe cleaning specialty windows on the upper floors of your home, a professional window cleaning service in your area will likely have the tools for the job.

Specialty Windows for Your Grand Rapids Home

Specialty windows can fit into virtually any type of home. While construction is a bit more detailed than standard window installation, it should be a relatively quick job for any experienced professional specialty window installer. Grand Rapids, MI homeowners should start looking at available spaces in their homes for specialty windows; the possibilities are endless.

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