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Start 2021 In Pennsylvania With a Professional Roof Inspection

Jan 28, 2021

Few components of your Pittsburgh home are more significant and relied upon than your roof. It is your home’s first line of defense against the elements and various extreme conditions that occur throughout the year. This barrier protects the interior and exterior structure of your home, adds value to your investment, and can save you substantially on heating and cooling bills. If your roof is professionally installed with high-quality materials and properly maintained to keep it in top condition, it should last for decades.

However, even roofs made from the most durable materials available will eventually require a professional roof inspection to ensure they function properly. Experts recommend scheduling a roof inspection every year or two so that any damage or potential problems may be remedied before becoming more complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. Be proactive about your home maintenance this season and schedule your inspection today. Hiring an expert to conduct a professional roof inspection is simple, cost-effective, and can offer you much-needed peace of mind to start the new year.

What to Expect From a Professional Roof Inspection

Qualified roofing specialists employ a wealth of skills, knowledge, and experience to thoroughly examine your roof, fix any problems that may arise, and extend the longevity of your roof and your entire home. A professional roof inspection includes a full assessment of both the interior and exterior of your roof. Inspecting the interior comprises checking the attic for properly functioning insulation and ventilation and looking for cracks in the ceiling, signs of moisture penetration or mold growth, and inspecting the exterior means going onto the roof to evaluate specific components and overall condition.

A roofing specialist is trained to look out for the following issues:

  • Shingle deterioration—Age and extreme weather conditions can cause shingles to crack, break, curl, or completely dislodge from the surface of your roof. When shingles are loose, damaged, or missing, this greatly compromises your roof’s structure, function, and ability to stay watertight. Sometimes, an issue will require only selective repair or replacement of specific shingles, but a full roof replacement may be necessary when the damage is too severe or extensive.
  • Damage to your roof valley or clogged gutters—The roof valley is the spot where the slopes of your roof meet, one of the primary areas for water to collect. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, the granules covering the asphalt will loosen and detach over time. Excessive deposits of loose shingle granules in your gutter indicate the need for replacement.
  • Faulty flashing—The interruptions along your roof, including your dormers, chimney, and vent pipes, should be covered with metal flashing to form a barrier that prevents leaks by repelling water and ice. Your home should feature at least three feet worth of flashing at each spot where your roof is interrupted, and there is the potential for water to penetrate.
  • Water leakage—If your roof is not functioning properly, this is the most common consequence. The inability of your roof to provide proper drainage means that water from snow, ice, or rain can build up and seep into your home, causing significant, expensive damage on the interior as well as the exterior.
  • Rot and mold growth—Constant water exposure that results in damage often encourages rotting and mold growth. This must be addressed right away, or it will only continue to worsen and become more difficult and costly to fix.
  • Structural concerns—The issues listed above can impact the integrity of your roof and the integrity of your home as a whole. When the materials that compose your roof begin to break down, your roof will weaken and fall apart, so you may see light through your roof or notice your roof deck sagging. If you notice these signs of structural damage, contact a roofing specialist immediately.

After the inspection has been completed, your roofing specialist will explain any issues he encounters and offer recommendations. He will record a detailed written account of his findings and work with you to create a plan of action. This includes an estimate for the proper solutions so you can budget for your repairs or replacement accordingly.

Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection: Quality, Safety, Experience, Longevity

A professional roof inspection is the most effective way to evaluate the age and condition of your Pittsburgh roof. It allows you to alleviate any issues before they worsen over time and result in severe consequences for your home’s structural integrity. While it may be tempting to climb onto your roof yourself in an attempt to diagnose any problems, it is just not worth it. Unlike the professionals, you have not received the appropriate training in navigating the rooftop safely and do not possess the right equipment, safety gear, or insurance to protect yourself and your home, what signs to look for to indicate damage, or how to fix these issues.

Roofing specialists possess the experience and knowledge necessary for completing their work to the highest standards. They have access to the best tools for the job, know exactly what signs to look for to indicate damage, and can create a plan to fix these issues. From years of on-the-job experience, they know what to expect when maneuvering along your roof and can eliminate the potential for falling, injury, or causing further damage to your roof. An experienced roofing specialist can conduct an accurate, reliable assessment and uncover various potential problems in roofs of all styles and materials, even ones invisible to the naked eye.

Regular professional roof inspections are a wise financial investment that lengthens your roof’s expected lifespan and your entire home. The cost of hiring a professional to complete an inspection is minimal compared to fixing several severe, expensive issues resulting from neglecting roof maintenance. An undetected and untreated water leak significantly impacts the safety, comfort, and value of your home. Such leaks can cause structural weakness, mold growth, and extensive interior damage. By not addressing these issues promptly, something that may have been a simple, inexpensive fix for a roofer can easily become a firmly established, far-reaching concern that requires a total roof replacement.

Contact the Professionals for Your Roof Inspection

Your roof is an indispensable component of your Pennsylvania home that requires regular evaluation and preventive upkeep. Ensuring your roof is in good working condition is an essential part of your home maintenance that will keep your home safe and comfortable for years to come. Don’t take any chances by risking your safety to conduct your own incomplete, inaccurate survey that would still require an expert to validate anyway. Choose a professional company with a dependable reputation for superior results and satisfied customers. Contact the experts today to ensure your roof is in optimal shape to protect your family from any inclement weather this year.

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