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Springfield Homeowners: 4 Good Reasons to Consider Casement Windows

Sep 04, 2019

Although Springfield has all the benefits of a much larger, coastal city, locals know that it’s the perfect marriage of big city availability and friendly, small-town atmosphere that keeps the city near the top of many “Best City” lists. However, Springfield’s best feature is arguably the beautiful, Ozark-area scenery. Whether in the heart of downtown or one of the many charming suburbs, most Springfield residents choose to design their homes to take advantage of the view.

Most often, this type of outdoors-in design involves the installation of beautiful windows that allow occupants to bask in the beauty of the outdoors from the relative comfort of home. Certain historical architectural requirements notwithstanding, practically any window can be chosen to provide a useful solution for viewing the outdoors.

Which Type of Windows Are Right For You?

There are a host of considerations necessary when choosing windows, whether they’re for a new home or a replacement project. Too often, these considerations – coupled with the sheer variety of windows on the market today – can make choosing windows for your project seem daunting.

Fortunately, casement windows are a great solution for most people. Versatile, affordable, and widely available, casement windows can solve many of your installation issues in one fell swoop. Some people aren’t sure how casement windows work or whether they are the best option for their homes. Consider the following information to help you decide which type of window works best for you.

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows consist of a traditional window frame with one or more moving window sashes. The sash is attached to the frame with vertical hinges or pivots so that it opens outward like a door, or pivots inward. Casement windows are the oldest style of movable windows and have persevered because they offer so much in the way of design and function.

Today’s casement windows almost invariably open outward from hinges on the sides. However, some casement windows that serve a double function as French doors may open inward. Regardless of which direction they open, many variations are now available – there is truly a casement window for everyone.

Why Choose Casement Windows?

With the vast array of casement windows on the market today, it is easy to find a model that suits your needs. Consider the following aesthetic and functional reasons casement windows may be a perfect fit for your home:

1. Unmatched Design Variations

Casement windows offer a multitude of design variations, sure to fit any architectural style. Whether you’re building a new home and want a certain look, installing replacement windows and want to imitate the look of existing windows in the home, or even if you need to mimic a certain style of window due to HOA or Springfield historical home requirements, you can customize a casement window to meet your needs. Choose from traditional single casement or double casement, add mullions, change window shapes, and more.

Aside from the aesthetics of your windows, casement windows offer design variations in the manner in which they open as well. Traditionally, casement windows operate via a hand crank on the inside of the window. Recently, however, a more European-style design was introduced – push-out casement windows use a levered handle to open the window outward. Multiple handle and crank styles provide ease of access and a different look no matter your preference.

2. Excellent Ventilation

Unlike single-hung windows, which include a static upper window and a movable lower window, casement windows allow air movement through the entirety of the window’s surface area. This increased airflow has a positive effect on your home’s ventilation. Better yet, an open casement window can catch breezes traveling parallel with your home, directing them inside in a way that a single- or double-hung window cannot.

Rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, where ventilation is needed more than usual, often contain windows in places that may not be easy to reach. It can be difficult to lean over a sink or bathtub to push a single-hung window open. By comparison, a crank-style casement window allows the user to easily crank the window open. As a result, even the most difficult-to-reach windows in your home can contribute to your ventilation, keeping your energy costs low.

3. Increased Security

Whether you’re concerned about the intrusion of unwanted outside noise, the loss of comfortable air, or unwanted strangers entering your home, casement windows offer an ideal security solution. First, the manner in which casement windows close – with the sash coming into contact with the frame – provides a seal against escaping air and noise that is superior to other windows. Second, double pane construction offers unmatched insulation from both temperature and sound.

Finally, casement windows provide exceptional physical security. As mentioned, the sash presses tightly into the frame, giving the multiple hook locks available on most models optimal connection. In addition, it is near impossible to move casement windows from the outside without someone operating the crank inside.

4. Superior Views

We began this post referencing the beautiful views offered by the Springfield area, so it’s only appropriate to end it with the reason why casement windows allow superior views. After all, the primary purpose of a window is to bring the outdoors in. Casement windows owe their beautiful, uninterrupted views almost completely to the absence of structural dividers.

Due to their construction, single- and double-hung windows have a section of wood or vinyl separating the two windows. By contrast, casement windows don’t need to include a divider, leaving the view unobstructed. Any mullions or muntins are strictly for decorative purposes and are your choice.

By now, the benefits of choosing casement windows for your new home or replacement project should be clear. Casement windows offer superior ventilation, excellent views, heightened security and a nearly endless selection of designs suitable for almost any home. The only trouble is choosing from a host of great design options.

If you need assistance determining which casement windows are right for your home, consider speaking with a builder, architect, or window dealer. A professional can help ensure you’ve covered the essential concerns for your unique needs and view side-by-side comparisons to choose among multiple contenders. In the end, you can rest assured that your new casement windows will provide a seamless, beautiful look for your home.

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