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Seven Reasons to Schedule Your Michigan Window Replacement Project This Fall

Sep 10, 2020

When you’re in need of replacement windows in Michigan, there are multiple decisions to be made. You’ll need to select a window type, a window material, color, panes, hardware, and more – but one of the most significant decisions you’ll need to make is when to begin your project. While the warmer months of spring and summer are often the most popular times for window replacement projects throughout much of the country, a seasoned replacement window contractor can achieve a successful install at any time of the year.

However, that’s not to say that there aren’t ideal time periods to begin your window replacement project in Northern Detroit. In fact, as we anticipate the upcoming seasonal change from summer to fall, it’s important to note that fall is actually a perfect time to install replacement windows. The advantages of a fall replacement are many, and keeping them in mind can help you make a solid decision when it comes to scheduling your upcoming project.

Why You Should Consider a Fall Replacement Window Project

As mentioned, spring and summer are popular choices for window installation projects. In fact, many homeowners researching replacement window options worry that they’ve missed their opportunity to install this year and waste valuable time holding off until next spring. There’s no need to wait – consider these reasons to schedule your replacement window project this fall:

  1. Ideal outdoor temperatures. While spring and summer are absolutely peak season for outdoor recreation, most people consider fall temperatures a welcome relief from the hotter, more humid days of summer. Similarly, winter weather in most areas is often too cold to make staying outdoors for a considerable amount of time pleasant. Since a window replacement project requires a bit of time while old windows are removed, the areas are prepared, and new windows are installed, the exterior temperature can make a great deal of difference when it comes to your interior temperature. During the fall months, most areas of the United States experience cool, temperate weather. Scheduling a window replacement project for a time of year when the exterior temperature closely matches the interior – between 60 and 75 degrees – can help you stay comfortable and avoid excessive heating or cooling bills.
  2. Best opportunity for secure caulking. Once your Northern Detroit replacement windows are in place, they’ll receive caulking around the outer perimeter. This caulk is designed to seal your windows against exterior drafts, especially important in the warmest months of summer and the coldest months of winter. However, neither summer nor winter is an ideal time to apply caulk.Most brands of caulk do best when applied at temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees for ideal adhesion. In addition, application during summer and winter provides unnecessary exposure to the expansion and contraction of your home experiences in extreme temperatures. With its mild temperatures, fall is an ideal time to apply caulk to allow it adequate conditions for setting.
  3. Ideal weather patterns. Aside from the temperature, fall also features another important weather change when it comes to embarking upon a window replacement project – reduced chances for precipitation. Depending on your location, frequent summer thunderstorms may be the norm. In these areas, heat, humidity, gusty winds, and frequent rain can make installation difficult. During the fall months, the chances for thunderstorms decrease, and weather patterns tend to dry out. Consider scheduling window replacement projects during early fall, before the late fall rains and transition to winter weather becomes imminent.
  4. Completion in advance of the holiday season. Let’s face it – one reason you’ve selected new windows for your home is likely because your old windows just aren’t doing anything to improve your home’s curb appeal. From the exterior, old windows can make your home look as if it’s in a constant state of disrepair. From the interior, damaged windows can look shabby and can also allow moisture and cool drafts to begin affecting you and your guests. Completing this important project before the busy holiday season begins not only takes one vital item off your to-do list, but it also ensures your home looks its best for potential visitors. Schedule in early fall, so you’re ready for visitors come Thanksgiving.
  5. Timely weatherproofing. Aside from being unattractive, old, cracked, broken, or worn windows have one other major drawback when it comes to your Michigan home’s value – they don’t protect your home’s interior against the elements. Drafty windows can cause your energy bills to rise dramatically, and snow and rain seeping in through broken windows can cause serious damage to the interior of your home. Waiting until spring to install your replacement windows means your worn windows will continue to cost you through the harshest weather months of the year. Beginning your window replacement project in the fall helps you ensure your home is weathertight and energy-efficient this winter. This way, your energy savings will begin when they matter the most – when you’re heating your home during the coldest months.
  6. More time for adjustments. If you’re utilizing a reputable window replacement contractor, your installation team should ensure the proper fit of each window before leaving your property. However, if you notice an issue with the window itself, the caulking, the fit, or some other aspect of your replacement windows, you’ll need to have it addressed before winter sets in. Scheduling replacement projects during the fall gives you optimal time to notice such issues before the winter months. If the installation crew needs to come back to your home to make adjustments, these are similarly best done in pleasant weather conditions.
  7. Easier scheduling. As mentioned, spring and summer are generally the most popular months to schedule a window replacement project. As a result, most window replacement contractors find themselves relatively booked during these peak seasons. You may need to rearrange your scheduling or wait for an opening, especially if you are using a highly reputable contractor. While window replacement contractors remain busy in the fall, you may find it easier to schedule a replacement at a time convenient for you if you’re willing to begin in the fall. In addition, be sure to watch for potential promotions during non-peak months, and schedule accordingly.

The decision to begin a window replacement project is a significant one that can affect your Northern Detroit’s home value and comfort levels through the upcoming winter months – don’t wait until spring to get started. Contact a trusted window replacement contractor to schedule your replacement project this fall.

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