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Recognizing the Signs of a Damaged Roof

Sep 05, 2022

It’s good to establish a routine of checking your roof for damage. Though it’s never a good time to need roof repair, being aware of small issues before they develop into something worse can save you money and excess stress. A roof that has suffered damage is less able to properly protect and insulate your home. Faulty roofs cost you more money on your energy bill when they can no longer fully insulate your home. Damaged roofs are also more of a danger to you and your loved ones. So, it’s very important to be on the lookout for what could cause your roof damage and the signs of that damage.

Common Causes of Roof Damage

Some of the common roof damage signs include the following.

Branches and Debris

Falling tree branches can be the result of a storm or even just heavy wind, but they can knock shingles loose or even cause a roof to cave in, depending on their size. By cutting down diseased or overhanging branches, you can limit this. Debris build-up from storms can also trap moisture in your shingles, causing them to rot and age more quickly.


There are many pests, from bugs to birds to mice, that can contribute to the deterioration of your roof. They can tear off shingles and tear apart underlayment, dismantling the integrity of your roof.


High winds can cause damage all by themselves, without branches or debris. A strong wind could rip off shingles or even loosen them enough for other damaging agents like moisture to get under the shingles.

Water Damage

Water damage can present itself in several ways. Excessive moisture could come about through improper venting or degradation in insolation. Gutter failure could cause rainwater to not be properly kept away from your roof, leading to a buildup of water on your roof. Rainstorms can also cause water damage. This could lead to roof rot, which damages the integrity of your roof.

Ice and Snow

Over time, the freezing and thawing of ice can cause damage that impacts your roof even after winter is over. The expansion, contraction, and extra weight of snow can weaken your shingles enough that any water or excess moisture can leak between them.


A small hailstorm can wear away at the protective layers on your shingles, leaving them more vulnerable to other issues. A bad hailstorm can severely damage your roof, leaving visible dents or even weakening shingles to the point that they could fall off. Either way, hail can severely reduce the lifespan of your roof.

Sun Damage

The damage from UV rays can wear down and dry out your roof over time. This deteriorates the roof’s effectiveness at insulating your house and makes it more vulnerable to damage during adverse weather.

Checking for Roof Damage

Though it’s helpful to know what can cause roof damage, not every problem is preventable. Because of this, it’s important to also understand the signs of a damaged roof so that you can start a routine of checking for these issues. By keeping an eye out for damage, you can better realize when your roof needs attention and when it needs professional help.

Check for Visible Damage

After a storm, give your roof a once over from the ground, checking to see if there is any serious visible damage. Also, check for debris buildup that could cause additional damage if it’s not cleared from the roof. Look for shingles on the ground that would indicate worse damage, and use binoculars or your naked eye to see if the shingles on the roof have suffered any cracking, warping, or breaking.

Make Sure the Gutters Are Secure and Clear of Debris

Give your gutters a check, too, and be sure they are properly sending water away from your roof and house. Check that they are fully attached and not clogged with debris.

Check Your Roof From the Inside

It’s also necessary to check the interior of your roof to be sure no cracks or leaks are letting in sunlight or water. Ensure there is no deterioration of the insulation and that the attic area is properly vented. If the interior of your roof isn’t vented well, you could get moisture build-up. By ensuring there are no visible breaks or leaks from the interior of your roof, you can be more assured that your roof likely doesn’t need immediate repairs. If there are any visible signs of water damage, such as mold or sagging beams, you probably have a more serious water damage problem.

Check Your Energy Costs

If you notice a sudden uptick in your energy bill spending, it’s probably a good time to check the insulation on your roof. Small deterioration in insulation, such as on windows and doors, can lead to a gradual increase in energy spending. If there is nothing wrong with your HVAC system, then a sudden increase likely means that the largest area of insulation, your roof, has an issue.

If you spot one or more of these problems, it’s a good idea to get your roof a maintenance check from a professional, who can look at the issues closer and understand what underlying issues could be occurring. While you may think a couple of fallen shingles aren’t a huge deal, they could affect the structural integrity of your roof and lead to much greater problems in the future.

How Metal Roofs Protect Your Home

Metal roofs offer greater protection and durability to homeowners, and they are made to stand against tougher weather conditions. They protect your home better from water damage, as well as snow and ice damage. Their construction offers fewer gaps which prevent water from leaking in. Metals also reflect the sun’s heat, so your home stays cooler during warm weather.

When compared to shingle roofs, which are made of several small sections, metal roofs also withstand wind better with less damage, as wind can’t catch on the edges of shingles and pull them off. Metal roofs are designed with versatility in mind, and they can protect your home against the most damaging types of weather, including hailstorms, lightning, humidity, heavy rains, and strong wind. Because of this focus on durability, they last much longer than the average asphalt shingle roof, providing your home protection for longer.

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