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Pennsylvania Homeowners: Have You Considered Double Hung Windows?

Oct 28, 2019

Do you own a home in the Harrisburg, PA area and want to upgrade to a more modern window style? Double hung windows are an energy efficient, reliable, and versatile choice for many Harrisburg homes, offering distinct advantages over most typical window styles. If your energy bills seem to spike during the hot and humid Pennsylvania summers or the bitterly cold winters in the Harrisburg area, your outdated windows may be the culprit.

Double hung windows offer several distinct advantages over other styles of windows, giving owners lasting value in many surprising ways. If you own a home in Harrisburg and want to enjoy cool spring breezes, increase your home’s energy efficiency, or update the look of your home with a simple yet effective upgrade, installing double hung windows may be the best option. Consider the following benefits to choosing double hung windows if it’s time for an upgrade to your Harrisburg home’s windows.

Double Hung Windows Are Easy to Clean

One of the biggest and often most annoying chores for many Harrisburg homeowners is window cleaning. While cleaning the streaks off your window glass may be a simple enough chore, cleaning all of the grooves of your window frames can be a significant hassle, especially with older style windows that may not allow you to reach all the various nooks inside the frames and around the sashes.

Double hung windows can tilt away from their tracks, allowing easy access to the grooves that hold each window sash in place. Some models even allow for easy removal and replacement of the sashes for even simpler cleaning. Choosing double hung windows can save you time with your usual household cleaning routine.

Versatile Design Options

Many homeowners in the Harrisburg area want aesthetically pleasing windows that fit their preferred home designs. Double hung windows come in a variety of options that can fit virtually every aesthetic. When you opt for double hung windows in your home, you can choose from several different frame styles, colors, and even wood finishes for windows that fit your exact aesthetic specifications. You can even opt for higher-end models that feature interior mini-blinds for a unique and functional touch.

Double Hung Windows Enable Better Cooling

When you can open your windows from the top or bottom, you won’t face many restrictions when it comes to customizing the airflow throughout your home. Other styles of windows may only open outward or in one direction that prevents screen installation, but it’s easy to fit screens inside of double hung windows to allow the breeze inside whenever you want it. Double hung windows are also perfect for kitchens, allowing steam and smoke from the stove to escape to keep your smoke detectors from sounding due to an overdone dinner in the oven.
Double hung windows are also great for window-mounted air conditioning units. If your home doesn’t have central air conditioning, window units can be a great way to escape the hot and humid summer weather in the Harrisburg area. Install screens to enjoy the breeze while temperatures are still mild during the spring, and then pop out the screens for easy air conditioning unit installation once the summer weather hits in full swing.

Ensure Comfortable Airflow in Your Home With Double Hung Windows

Airflow is important for any home, but it’s especially important for humid areas like Harrisburg and surrounding neighborhoods. Your new double hung windows make it easy to allow the breeze through your home, keeping the air inside your home from turning stale. You can also install window fans or box fans in many double hung windows for even better airflow; simply turn your fans on to blow cooler air inside the home, and consider setting up another fan blowing out on the other side of the home to create a breeze inside that carries fresh air in and stale air out.

Double Hung Windows Can Boost Your Energy Efficiency

Have you noticed your energy bills seem to jump during the coldest and hottest months of the year? This is likely due to your heating and cooling system working harder than it should to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. Many Harrisburg homeowners discover their old and outdated windows are to blame for this, and double hung windows can increase energy efficiency and help you save money on your energy costs.
High-quality double hung windows from leading manufacturers typically feature quadruple-layered weather stripping that prevents the comfortable air inside your home from escaping. This means your furnace and air conditioning system won’t need to work as hard during the hottest and coldest months of the year, saving you money on your energy bills. Some homeowners notice such significant energy savings that their new double hung windows pay for themselves within a few years.

Double Hung Window Installation is Simple

If you’re planning to upgrade your Harrisburg home’s existing windows, you’ll be delighted to know that most double hung installation jobs can finish within a day. If you’re replacing all the windows in your home, it may take a bit longer, but most professional window installation crews can install a new double hung window in just a few hours.
Your window installation team in Harrisburg will begin the job by protecting the area around the window and placing drop cloths to catch any debris from the old windows. Installations starts by removing the old window’s sashes and the stops along the window jamb. Then, the installation team will carefully pry out the old window and shim up the window cavity. Shimming ensures the window is plumb and level. If anything is out of place, the window will not function correctly and will probably leak.

Harrisburg Window Installation

It’s essential to find a reliable and trustworthy window installation team in Harrisburg with a solid track record of successful double hung installation projects. Once you find the right contractor to handle your double hung window installation, the investment into new double hung windows can pay off tremendously in many surprising ways, becoming an attractive and valuable addition to any Harrisburg area home.

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