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Windows on a Home: A Look Behind the Curtains

Feb 17, 2022

When you think about the important aspects of your home, you’ll likely develop a list within seconds. One important factor to the overall look and feel of our homes is our windows. If eyes are the windows to human souls, windows are the eyes to the soul of your home. Windows can set moods and open spaces when correctly selected. 

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The Dimensional Style Shingle Difference In Davenport Iowa

Feb 05, 2022

Replacing your Davenport roof is a major investment. You have numerous decisions to make, including your roofing material. The choice of roofing material can depend on style, customization, durability, longevity, and cost. There are many tried-and-true materials that are used in residential housing, but a few stand above the rest.

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How to Choose the Right Color Siding

Jan 25, 2022

Siding can play an important role in your home’s overall look and feel. However, when it comes to selecting suitable color options, making your choice can quickly feel overwhelming. There are several factors to consider, and it isn’t an easy fix if you ultimately don’t like it. Therefore, before diving into color selection, you should consider a few critical points 

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2022 Roofing Trends In Washington DC

Jan 17, 2022

As we near the end of 2021 and look forward to the start of 2022, many popular trends are on the rise when it comes to the look of your Washington DC home. Your home is not just four walls; it is a place of comfort and security. In a sense, your home can often be an extension of who 

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How New Windows Can Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Jan 10, 2022

When you complete remodeling projects in your home, you are often considering your return on investment (ROI). When it comes time to sell your house, you want it to be as appealing as possible. You hope that your investment in remodeling can be returned through a higher selling value than when you bought your home. There are many ways to 

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Winterizing Your Rochester New York Windows

Jan 06, 2022

We turn to our homes as places of comfort. Especially when it comes to winter, we want to stay warm and cozy while waiting for spring to return. Unfortunately, even with preemptive measures, cold air may still find a way into your Rochester house. Even just a draft can make some spaces uncomfortable and make your heating system kick into 

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Why DIY Roof Maintenance Is Never a Good Idea

Dec 27, 2021

Roof maintenance is something that feels quite rare to most people. That’s why when roof issues do come up, especially ones that seem minor, your instinct might be to try to fix it quickly yourself. But, unfortunately, DIY roof maintenance seldom ends up well. From DIY repairs that can cause more damage than what you started with to the dangers 

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How to Choose the Right Color Siding In Nasvhille

Dec 20, 2021

One of the first things someone sees when they take a look at your home is the siding. The color of your siding, its look, and its age all play a role in helping your home to make lasting impressions on those who see it. If you’ve been looking for a way to update your Nashville home or give it 

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How New Windows Can Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Dec 13, 2021

When it comes to buying and selling homes, you want to ensure that you are getting good value either way. There are many ways to increase the curb appeal and overall value of any home. You’ll want to consider not only the look of your home but also the functionality. Buyers are going to be looking at your roof and 

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Winterizing Your Windows and Doors In Indianapolis

Dec 06, 2021

Winter is fast approaching. It is that time of year when you want to make sure you take the steps to properly winterize your Indiana home. This can involve checking your heating system, preparing your pipes, and ensuring your home is adequately insulated. These checks help prevent any costly repairs in the middle of the cold winter as well as 

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