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Kansas City: Change Your Look in 2020 With Creative New Window Treatments

Apr 09, 2020

Out with the old, in with the new! As we move into the spring season, households across the country are cleaning out closets, ridding their homes of dust and grime that has settled over the winter, and performing major overhauls on some parts of their homes. Everyone needs something new once in a while to change things up and make their homes more attractive. If you’re not up for any major renovations, there are many projects you can do to give your home a new look that won’t take much time or break the budget. New window treatments are one way to freshen things up and give your digs a spring makeover. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your Kansas City home.

Window Tinting

Reducing the glare on your computer screen makes it easier to see and reduces stress on your eyes. This is also a great benefit if you get a glare on your tv screen at certain times throughout the day. The biggest benefit of window tinting is to your bank account. Tinting windows can regulate the light entering through your windows and help to keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the day. This reduces stress on home heating and cooling systems, and that reduced stress means lower utility bills every month.

Creating Texture With Curtains

If you are looking to give a room depth and create a cozy atmosphere, curtains offer an array of colors and textures that can work together to build a unique look. Multi-hued curtains are a popular choice in 2020. They can be used to pull together different colors that make up the design components of any room to make it feel more cohesive and complete. Building drapery layers out from the center of the window, starting with light, sheer treatments and working out into slightly heavier textures and colors is a great method to make a room feel warmer and cozier.

Consider finishing with velvet curtains, as they have made a comeback in modern design, and are both trendy and luxurious. A popular choice with draperies in a smaller room is to hang long curtains from the ceiling to the floor. This is especially effective in making the ceilings seem higher, which gives the room a more regal, classic feel.

Make a Bold Statement

If your home is modern in style in Kansas City, with stark white walls, and minimalist decor, consider bringing dramatic attention to your window with a simple, single-textured curtain in a bold color. Again, longer draperies create an even more dramatic effect when achieving this look. Be sure to pick a color that ties in with the other tones in the room. Beige and light brown room accents are best offset with strong reds, burgundies, and deep greens. If accent pieces in the room are darker shades of walnut or cherry, consider purple and navy blue as drapery colors. If you are really looking for something that will bring a bright feeling to a room, strong yellows and orange tones will work well with any accent colors to make a window pop.

Shades on Shades

Building textures and colors to create depth doesn’t have to be limited to curtains only. One emerging trend this year involves using multiple window blinds in a single window. This idea is perfect for smaller rooms that may feel cramped and dark with heavy draperies. Consider using white or light colored horizontal blinds, which allow for maximum natural light, but accent the window with a Roman shade that coordinates with the accent colors of the room. These shades can be raised or lowered to control the amount of outdoor light you allow into the room at different times throughout the day.

Let the Outdoors In

One popular idea as we move into the spring season is to use light, airy curtains that only cover the lower half of the window. This allows the maximum amount of natural light into a room and creates a frame for the beautiful greenery of the outdoors. Many Kansas and Missouri homeowners find this concept to be perfect for a bathroom, where privacy is necessary at the lower portion of the window but light from outside makes the room feel clean, bright, and fresh. This also works well in kitchens, laundry rooms, and utility rooms.

Layering With Curtains and Blinds

Bedrooms and living rooms are wonderful spaces for layering. We usually want these rooms to feel warm and cozy, so building textures works to create that feel but also allows for versatility in natural light penetration. In 2020, a lot of designers are starting with bamboo, wooden, or matchstick blinds, with heavier, solid color drapes hung over them. The combination is pretty and allows you to completely block outdoor light, open the curtains to let in just a bit, or open the curtains and roll up the blinds to get the full amount of natural light during the day.

The possibilities for updating your look with new window treatments is really endless and up to your own personal taste. As you complete your spring-cleaning checklist, take down those old curtains and window blinds, open your mind, and brainstorm some new ideas for your home. Don’t be afraid to try different textures and play with colors you wouldn’t normally choose. When you step outside the box, especially with window treatments, you often find beautiful combinations that make your home uniquely your own. The important thing to remember is to have fun. There are so many types of blinds and draperies available today that you don’t have to settle for traditional, boring choices.

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