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How to Clean Your Windows Perfectly Every Time

Jan 20, 2020

No matter how clean your house may be, it is really only ever as clean as its windows. If you seem to struggle to keep your windows clean inside and out, you may just need a few helpful pointers to keep your windows looking their best every day. Clean windows are not only more visually appealing on your Rochester home; they also allow more natural light into your home and windows with special properties like UV protection will function better when clean.

Interior Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows’ interiors is generally easier than cleaning their exteriors. Some windows, like double-hung windows, casement windows, and sliding windows, can be cleaned inside and out from inside the home, but it is generally difficult to reach all the exterior surfaces of a window from inside the home. If you want to clean the insides of your windows effectively, you should know the right way to do it:

1. Remember that cleaning your windowpanes with a commercial cleaning product like Windex or a vinegar and water solution should be the final step in cleaning, not the first. It’s essential to remove the dust and grime lurking in the cracks and crevices around your window panes as well as the windows’ trim. Start by gathering a bucket full of warm water and a few drops of dish soap.

2. Place a towel on the floor under the window or along the windowsill to catch any spills, and then use a clean rag with the soapy water to scrub the dirt of all the window’s surfaces, including the panes, trim, and casing. It’s always best to work top to bottom so you don’t spill dirty water on top of the part you have already cleaned.

3. After scrubbing, use a clean towel or microfiber cloth to dry off the window and remove any lingering water. Wipe down the frame inside and out.

4. You can use a vinegar and water solution or a commercial window cleaning product like Windex to restore the shine to your windowpanes. It’s generally best to use paper towels for this part of the cleaning process. Spray the windows with the cleaning agent of your choice and use a circular motion to apply it to the windowpane surface; going horizontally or vertically usually results in streaks.

5. Once you finish applying the cleaner to your windowpanes, use a dry paper towel to clean the last of the spray from the window, moving in a Z-shaped pattern across each pane.

For very dirty windows, you may need to repeat steps 4 and 5 for another round of cleaning. This process will result in beautifully cleaned windows, but only from the inside. Even in the messiest of houses, the exteriors of the windows will generally be much dirtier on any given day.

Cleaning Your Windows’ Exteriors

Once you’ve finished cleaning the insides of your windows, you’re halfway done. Next comes the exteriors. Cleaning the outsides of your Rochester house windows can be easier than the interiors in some ways and much more difficult in others. Your windows’ exteriors will likely have more grime and more stains, so you need to use something a little more powerful than a soapy rag and some Windex.

6. Before you begin, make sure all your windows are shut tightly. You’re going to be using your hose to get started and you don’t want to accidentally blast water all over the inside of your house. Start cleaning the exteriors with your hose. Use a medium to high pressure stream to blast away any stuck debris and larger pieces of dirt.

7. Next, apply a dish soap solution to the windows just like you did inside. However, you may want to use a bit more soap for the outside, and you will probably need a window sponge on an extendable handle to reach the windows on your home’s upper floors.

8. After applying the soap to the windows, use your hose to rinse them off again. You may need to repeat the soaping and rinsing process a few times depending on how dirty your windows’ exteriors are.

9. Working top to bottom is also the best way to approach cleaning your windows’ exteriors. Start by cleaning the top floor’s windows using your window sponge. If you feel safe doing so, you can also use a ladder to reach your higher windows.

10. A squeegee can be a great tool for removing the water from your windows’ exteriors, especially on the upper floors. Remove the water with a clean and dry towel or a squeegee tool before cleaning the window panes.

11. You should be able to reach the exteriors of the windows on the ground floor relatively easily, so go ahead and use the same technique as you did inside with a vinegar and water solution or a commercial cleaning product like Windex to clean your window panes. Remember to use clean paper towels for this part.

12. Use dry paper towels to clean off the remaining spray in a Z-shaped or circular pattern to prevent streaking.

Once you’ve finished cleaning your windows inside and out, you can go back to enjoying unobstructed views of the outdoors from the comfort of your home as well as the natural light filtering through every room.

Extra Cleaning Tips

You may need to take your window cleaning a bit further in some cases. For example, if you have screens in your windows you should take time to clean those as well. Cleaning your window screens is relatively simple; just remove the screen panels from the windows, take them into your yard, and give them a good rinsing with your hose. Use a clean towel to dry them off and to wipe down the edges and then pop them back into place.

If you notice significant staining on or around your windows, you may need to find a more robust cleaning agent to restore these areas. Try to find a cleaner that can remove calcium, line, and rust deposits and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Cleaning your windows is an essential chore, but it is vital to do it safely and to only attempt to clean the windows you can reach safely. If you are unable to handle your window cleaning on your own, contact a reliable local window cleaning service to prevent injuries and restore your windows.

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