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Houston’s Customizable Windows: Pros and Cons of the 3 Trendiest Windows in 2022

Jun 13, 2022

Windows are an important aspect of a home’s interior and exterior. They provide a natural light source that can change the look and feel of any space. If you want to get creative with the appearance of your Houston home, windows are a great opportunity to do so. Windows are available in different shapes, such as oval, cathedral, octagon, half-round, quarter-round, and more. We’ve broken down the pros and cons of some of the coolest window designs on the market.

Things to Consider Before Purchase

Even if you’ve found a style of window you’ve absolutely fallen in love with, it’s important to consider a few factors before committing to a new window.

What Is the Purpose of the Window?

A bedroom with a white bed in the middle of the room. A big picture window sits behind the bed.

Deciding where and for what purpose you’re going to put and use your window can significantly impact your decision. For example, even if you love the aesthetic of glass block windows, putting them in a front room to let in a large amount of sunlight, just doesn’t make sense. Additionally, if you want to get creative with your windows but need something that you’re going to be able to use for ventilation, going with too small of a design or with a window that doesn’t open could hinder your intended purpose.

How Easy Is It to Clean or Maintain?


Of course, cleaning from the inside of your Houston Texas home is relatively straightforward. However, cleaning the outside of the window can be difficult depending on the design. Some window designs, like the double-hung window, allow for the panel to tilt inside the home, for easy cleaning of the outside of the window. Many homeowners choose to install these types of windows so that they don’t have to go outside to clean them. Double-hung windows are also essential when you want to clean your second or third story windows yourself.

Maintenance of windows is also important to consider when making a new purchase. If installation of the window requires building a specific frame, you’ll want to inspect it regularly. Windows on tracks also require regular cleaning of dirt and debris. They also need occasional lubrication to keep them able to slide without sticking.

What Is Your Home’s Architectural Style?

Picking out a window expresses your creativity and makes your home unique, but if it doesn’t match the overall architectural style of your home, it can end up looking like an eyesore. Putting modern casement windows on a Colonial or Victorian home can distract from the beauty it already has. If you’re living with an HOA, the board may not even let you install a window that does not fit the architectural style of the home, no matter how much you love it.

Types of Windows

Here are just a few of the different window types you might consider.

Bay Windows

A bedroom with blue walls and lots of windows looking out onto pond

A bay window is sometimes referred to as the oriel, or oriel window. They are the classic large, outward curved windows you’ve seen on trendy, desirable brownstones of Brooklyn. Even if you’re not living in the Big Apple, bay windows look flawless on almost every home and add a wonderful pop of character.


Bay windows are perfect for a great view of the outdoors. If your Houston home already has a beautiful view, bay windows are an ideal way to highlight it and take it in. House plants are incredibly trendy right now, too, and you may have found yourself to have quite the green thumb recently. Bay windows can offer a great space for your houseplants to flourish or provide an area to grow certain herbs and spices. If plants aren’t your thing, bay windows can be developed into a serene reading nook, or just a quiet place to escape.


Because of their large size, bay windows can be some of the most expensive to purchase. In addition to the initial cost of the window itself, installation can become complicated if new framing is necessary to fit the window properly. Large windows also don’t have a great track record for being airtight. It’s typical for them to have slight drafts that can impact your heating and cooling bill.

Casement Windows

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern style window, consider going with a single-panel casement window. Casement windows open horizontally, using a hand crank. You’ve probably seen versions of them on older homes, but a single-panel updated style is being used more frequently in modern construction. They are an effortless addition to the simple lines of contemporary homes.


Casement windows are considered to be some of the most efficient at maintaining insulation. You won’t have to worry about your windows being the cause of your fluctuating utility bill. Since they use an internal hand crank to open and close, and only have very narrow openings, casement windows are considered to be one of the best when it comes to deterring intruders and keeping your home secure.


Casement windows can be damaged by high winds when they are fully open, and the hand crack will wear over time, making it less efficient.

Glass Block

Glass block windows are fixed structures made with glass blocks. They’re commonly used in bathroom spaces for privacy, but they have also made their way into different parts of the house in modern homes.


The opaque nature of glass blocks allows for natural light to enter, while maintaining privacy at the same time. Because they cannot open or close, glass block windows are also very secure against intruders.


When placed on south facing walls, the glass blocks can act as an insulator and heat up the room. Although they add a unique aesthetic to a space, glass block windows don’t have much functionality because they let in a limited amount of light and do not provide ventilation.

Choosing new windows for your Texas home that match your style can be exciting and fun. However, it’s important to consider several factors when shopping to be the most satisfied with your purchase. Once you’ve got your new style picked out, always contact a licensed contractor to have your windows installed properly.

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