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Have You Considered Specialty Windows?

Jan 12, 2020

From Pittsburgh and Erie in the West to Harrisburg and Philadelphia in the East, Pennsylvania homeowners have lots of potential when it comes to upgrading their homes. Pennsylvania has one of the most variable climates in the whole country, typically experiencing very hot and humid summers and very cold, snowy winters. With this wide range of temperatures and precipitation throughout the year, a Pennsylvania home’s windows are some of its most important features.

Pennsylvania homeowners should consider not only functionality but also aesthetics when it comes to replacing their windows. There are virtually countless customization options available that can fit all different styles of homes. If you have been thinking of ways to increase your home’s curb appeal for resale, add a more personalized touch to your home, or simply replace broken or outdated windows, think about specialty windows for your Pittsburgh or Harrisburg area home.

Why Specialty Windows?

Windows come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. While most Pennsylvania homeowners will likely prefer more traditional styled windows for their window spaces that see the most use, such as the ones they open on a regular basis, it’s easy to install specialty windows in other spaces that do not open but add visual interest to a home.

Specialty windows can make a house stand out from the curb or break monotony in a more traditional abode. If you want to add windows to your home, allow more natural light inside, or put a personal touch to your home, specialty windows are a great option.

Oval Windows

These self-explanatory windows are oval shaped and offer an incredibly diverse range of possible uses. They are great additions to custom front doors for many homes and can add natural light to smaller spaces like stairwells, half bathrooms, or even closets.

Full Circle Windows

These windows are exactly what they sound like: completely circular windows that add a great deal of light inside a home. These can make excellent additions to the peaks of triangular rooms or as centerpiece windows for a more modern aesthetic. It’s also possible to configure them as unopenable solid panes or with vertical or horizontal pane connections that allow opening.

Half and Quarter Circle Windows

Pennsylvania homeowners can also have half circle or quarter circle windows installed for more creative window configurations. For example, half circle windows often look fantastic above doorways or above square or rectangular windows. Quarter circle windows can flank vertical rectangular windows to allow more light inside while creating more visual appeal.

Cathedral Windows

The pointed arching windows of a cathedral are visually stunning, and they can make beautiful additions to a Pennsylvania home. Cathedral windows typically feature a pointed arch shape, but it is possible to find them with ornate trim designs, etchings, or even stained glass just like an actual cathedral might have. While most Pittsburgh homeowners install cathedral windows as aesthetic additions, it is possible to install them with the ability to open, adding functionality to their incredible visual appeal. Cathedral windows look especially beautiful on older homes in the Harrisburg area and throughout the Keystone State.

Ellipse Windows

Ellipse windows are essentially elongated half round windows. If you want to add a curved window above an existing rectangular window or your doorway but don’t have enough space for a half round window, an ellipse window can be a great alternative.

Octagonal Windows

Another self-explanatory specialty window style, octagonal windows are great additions to a Pennsylvania home that would benefit from a more geometric window. Octagonal windows look fantastic in attic spaces, on stairway landings, or at the tops of vaulted ceilings.

Installing Specialty Windows

If you’re considering adding specialty windows to your home in Harrisburg or Pittsburgh, you should know what the process entails. Unless you’re planning to install specialty windows in place of the standard windows you already have, your installation team will need to cut through the wall to place your new specialty windows.

Pennsylvania homeowners can probably walk through their homes and find lots of spaces where specialty windows would look fantastic. Some of these specialty windows can open, providing functionality and extra airflow with a unique aesthetic look. Others with solid glass panes may not open, but they can still boost the visual appeal of a Pennsylvania home in a simple yet surprisingly effective way.

It’s essential to choose an experienced window installation team if you plan to install specialty windows. It will be necessary to cut through your home’s interior and exterior walls, and this requires a wide range of special equipment to ensure a safe project that does not damage power cables or important supporting structures inside the wall. An experienced window installation team can help a Pennsylvania homeowner determine the best places to install specialty windows and check for things like support studs, electrical cables, and ventilation ducts.

Specialty Window Maintenance

For the most part, Pennsylvania homeowners will care for their specialty windows the same way they care for their standard windows. This means cleaning them inside and out on a regular basis. However, if you own a home in Harrisburg or Pittsburgh and plan to install a specialty window on a high vaulted ceiling, in your attic, or in another hard-to-reach area, you may need to call on a professional window cleaning service when these windows require maintenance.

Specialty Windows Can Offer Surprising Benefits

You may not think it would be much of a boost, but specialty windows can potentially increase your home’s property value by a significant margin. Depending on the type of specialty windows you choose to install, you might be able to ask for a higher asking price if you ever decide to sell your home and move. Many modern homeowners enjoy natural light, and homes that allow more natural light inside tend to command higher listing prices than similar homes with less light.

Specialty windows are easy to maintain and can provide lasting benefits to any Pennsylvania home. Since Pennsylvania was one of the first states of the United States, it has one of the most diverse architectural styles of any state in the country. If you walk through Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, or any other town in Pennsylvania, you’re likely to spot homes ranging from a decade old to more than a hundred years old. With the right window installation team, it’s relatively easy to install specialty windows that can be tasteful additions to virtually any Pennsylvania home.

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