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Follow These Tips to Prevent Damage to Your Springfield Windows as You Hang Your Holiday Decor

Nov 03, 2020

Temperatures are dropping, trees are shedding their leaves, and the holidays will soon be here, which means it’s time to get out the decorations and start decking the halls. Holiday decorations are one of the things we all love about the season—the festive look of neighborhoods and town squares creates a warm, cozy feeling amid the frost and first snows of the season.

As Missouri homeowners decorate both the interior and exterior of their homes, rigging the lights and ornaments around the eaves and windows often involves some tricky arrangements that can damage the windows.
Because your windows are one of the most valuable investments in your home, it is vital to know how to decorate without damaging them. Follow these tips as you decorate this year, and avoid costly repairs or window replacements.

Interior Window Decorations

Whether it’s a garland, wreaths, or lights, decorating around the windows inside your Springfield home creates an inviting, cheery look that passersby will admire and your family will enjoy throughout the season. Here are a few tips for decorating inside.

● Use adhesives that won’t damage surfaces. When you use tape, tacks, nails, or staples to hang decorations around your wooden window frames, it may chip the paint or leave unattractive holes once the decor comes down. If your windows are vinyl, you don’t want to puncture any holes. There are options, however, that will not damage your surfaces. Consider removable adhesives or Command strips as an alternative to other supplies. Another way to beautify your windows around the holidays is festive window clings. These decorations are just for windows and will not harm the glass.
Always use electric window candles. Window candles are one of the loveliest traditional holiday decorations. The tradition of placing candles in the window dates to Colonial times and was not specifically a holiday tradition. Even today, the inviting look is so popular that many people keep candles in their windows all year long. Always avoid the temptation, however, to use real candles. A real flame is beautiful, yes, but real candles can set your draperies on fire, and the wax that drips from them may damage window sills. If your window panes have a UVA/UVB treatment, the flame can harm the treatment, and it can discolor the glass, even if it is not treated. There are many styles of battery-powered and electric candles and bulbs available that you can use to create the look you desire safely.

● Make use of your curtain rod. Another great way to avoid placing nails, tacks, or screws in your window frames is to let your curtain rod do the job. Wreaths, ornaments, and various other decorations can be hung from the curtain rod with clear fishing line. Strand lights and garlands can be wrapped around the rod and draped down the windows’ sides for a stunning holiday display. Always be sure to use LED lights or a variety that will not get hot enough to burn or ignite curtains, and be sure that your curtain rods are securely anchored to the wall so that they can support the weight of your decorations.

Exterior Window Decor

Many Missouri homeowners today take their exterior holiday decorating to the extreme. Neighbors love to compete for the best display in the community, and families drive for miles to admire these dedicated elves’ work. If you are decorating outside, follow these steps to avoid damaging your windows and exterior.

● Check product safety. Check all your exterior decor to ensure that it is intended for use outside. The winter elements can damage items that are meant for indoor use and may cause electrical failures or fire. Make sure that all extension cords, adhesives, lights, and ornaments are safe for outdoor use. Another step that will save you time is to check all your lights to make sure they are working before you hang them. It doesn’t matter if they are new or if you have been using them for years; lights may have broken wires, shorts, or other technical problems.
● Never make holes. Always avoid using tacks, screws, staples, and nails on your home’s exterior, just as you would on the inside. Do not use any means of attaching decorations that involve punching holes in your window frames, brick, stucco, or siding. Outdoor Command hooks are an ideal choice for hanging most lights and decorations, or you can use a hot glue gun to attach decor to stucco or brick. The glue hardens enough to hold most of your items in place but doesn’t bond with the surface in a way that will cause damage when you peel it off. If you are mounting items like wreaths on your windows, be sure to use suction hooks specifically made for windows to avoid damaging the glass.
● Mount lights properly. Depending on where you are placing lights around your house’s exterior, you may choose to use outdoor Command hooks or hot glue. Permanent clips, however, are a perfect solution if you are planning to place your lights in the same configuration every year. Home improvement stores sell plastic clips specifically for holiday lights, and they can direct you to the best adhesive to attach the clips to the exterior surface of your home. Again, you should use adhesive rather than anything that will make holes in your fascia or exterior material.
As you break out the boxes of holiday decor this year, remember to take these steps to avoid damaging your windows and their surroundings. Try to do your outdoor decorating on a warm, dry, sunny day, and have at least one helper to keep you company and ensure safety. If you have an unfortunate mishap and damage one of your windows while decorating, be sure to call a trusted contractor right away to repair or replace the damage. You don’t want a damaged window to affect your energy-efficiency in the winter months or leave you with a cold room in the house.

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