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Everything You Need to Know About Double Hung Windows in Dayton

Oct 02, 2019

If you own a home in Dayton, Ohio, when was the last time you checked your windows? Have you noticed higher than usual energy bills in recent months, or does it always seem like a struggle to keep your home the ideal temperature? If your heating and cooling system seems overworked, your windows might be the source of the problem. Investing in a new set of double hung windows for your Dayton home can provide relief during extreme temperatures and offer several other valuable benefits.

Double Hung Windows Allow Better Airflow

Double hung windows feature two sashes per window that slide up and down, allowing the property owner full control over the airflow coming through the interior of the structure. While the ability to slide a window open at the top or bottom may not seem like much of a feature, it actually makes quite a difference in most Dayton homes that choose double hung windows during renovations and remodeling projects.
Opening a window at the top can allow warm air to escape. This can also be very useful if you accidentally burn dinner and need to vent the smoke out of your kitchen quickly! Opening the bottoms of double hung windows allows for better ventilation if you want a cool breeze to flow through your home during milder weather.

Double Hung Windows Are Versatile

If your Dayton home has a unique design aesthetic, you want windows that fit. Double hung windows come in countless different frame styles to fit any home design. Dayton homeowners can also choose from various wood finishes to match existing wood finish throughout a home.
Dayton homeowners can choose a decorative beveling that provides a secure hold with aesthetic appeal. Double hung windows are also incredibly durable, featuring steel reinforcement in the rails of each sash, double-strength glass, and fusion-welded frames and sashes. These windows can stand up to the variable climate in the Dayton area and offer reliability all year long.

Double Hung Windows Are Easy to Clean

One of the most annoying parts of maintaining typical windows is cleaning. Getting inside all of the grooves in most windows can be a chore, but cleaning is easy with double hung windows. Each sash tilts inward allowing easy access to all the grooves of the windows. It’s also possible to install double hung windows with removable sashes for even easier cleaning. Double hung windows are not only attractive, functional, and versatile, but can also save your time with your typical house cleaning routine.

Enhanced Cooling With Double Hung Windows

Some older styles of windows only swing open, and others do not accommodate screens. These windows may allow for enjoyable airflow but can also allow bugs to enter a home during warm weather. Unlike most types of windows that swing open, double hung windows slide open so they can accept screens and even window-mounted air conditioning units. The Dayton area can experience some very hot and humid summer weather, so homeowners who choose double hung windows will have more options when it comes to cooling their homes. If your home doesn’t have central air conditioning, double hung windows are a great choice as they will allow easy installation of window-mounted air conditioning units or fans.

Double Hung Windows Are More Energy Efficient

If you plan to install double hung windows in your home, work with an experienced contractor who can ensure precise measurements to minimize leaks. Most window installers will offer quadruple weather stripping, and this is a good choice for most homeowners looking to maximize the energy efficiency of their homes. Investing in high-quality double hung windows with this type of weather stripping will prevent cool air from escaping during the summer and keep the warm air inside the home during the winter, saving you money on your energy bills and preventing your heating and cooling system from overworking.

What to Expect During Double Hung Window Installation

Replacing your old windows is a process requiring professional attention. Working with an unlicensed contractor could lead to damage to the window opening, resulting in airflow issues, leaks, and even water damage to the supporting structures around the windows.
Your window installation team will begin by removing all your furniture, window dressings, and other belongings from the work area. The first step is typically to cut the ropes of the old window’s sashes before removing them, though this may be unnecessary for some older styles of windows. Next, the installation team will remove the sashes and the window stops inside the frames. The stops are small pieces that run along the inside of the window jamb and must come out before removing the frame. The last step in old window removal is to carefully pry out the old window frames.
In some homes, the installation team may need to do a bit of cleanup or sanding on the window cavity before placing the new double hung windows. Shims, small strips of material, can keep the window opening level and the installation team must ensure the opening is plumb and square to ensure the windows function correctly.
Finally, the installation team will place the new windows and reset the window steps, caulking the gaps to ensure a tight and secure seal around the new windows. The finishing touch is to add the window trim around the frame to protect the inner workings of the new double hung windows and prevent moisture from entering.

Double Hung Windows for Your Dayton Home

Depending on how many double hung windows you plan to install in your Dayton property, full replacement of your old windows with new double hung windows should take less than a day. If you’re only replacing a few windows on one floor, installation may only take a few hours before you can start enjoying your new double hung windows.
Double hung windows are a great addition to any Dayton area home, offering versatile functionality and reliable performance throughout the various types of weather the area experiences each year. If you’re interested in upgrading your home’s windows in Dayton, a reliable window installation team with a solid track record of great work can help to ensure your new double hung windows perform as intended and offer lasting value.

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