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Detroit Homeowners: Corner Windows Can Brighten Up a Dreary Room

May 05, 2019

Your home’s windows are some of its most important architectural features. Not only do they improve quality of living indoors, but they also make a major impact on the curb appeal of your Michigan home. Installing corner windows with a unique 90-degree design can provide stunning panoramic views of the outdoors. They can also flood your interior with natural sunlight to brighten up the home. Corner windows can increase your property value and make it easier to enjoy your living space.

What Is a Corner Window?

Corner windows fit into the corner of any Detroit home, rather than fitting within a flat wall. They appear to “fold” at a 90-degree angle to wrap around a corner of the house. In reality, corner windows consist of two window segments that meet one another at the edge or corner of the building. The edge may sometimes contain a window frame for vertical support, but some designs are frameless. The right choice will depend on the architecture of your home.

Corner windows are an elegant choice that brings the beauty of the outdoors inside in a unique way. From inside, Michigan residents get a wider and less impeded view of the outdoors. Many people stack corner windows to create an even better view of the outside. Corner windows also bring in more light than typical windows. Allowing natural light into your home can have many physical and mental health benefits.

From outside, corner windows give your home an attractive and modern look that will make your home stand out on the block. They can increase curb appeal and property value. Corner windows can be the perfect solution to increasing your exposure to natural light and enjoying more of the outdoors, right from your home. If you’ve been considering a home upgrade, corner windows might be the perfect fit.

Five Benefits of Corner Windows

Installing corner windows can maximize natural light, create undisturbed exterior views, and improve the look of your Detroit home. They can vastly improve your indoor spaces while simultaneously presenting a gorgeous exterior façade to neighbors and potential homebuyers. Households with corner windows enjoy a range of benefits that may not exist with standard windows, including:

1. Better views. Corner windows eliminate obstructive walls to provide sweeping views of the outside. It’s common for people to install corner windows if they wish to see more of their yards, birds, wildlife, gardens, plants, trees, mountains, views, or the neighborhood. Corner windows can still come with curtains (manual or electric window treatments), so it will be up to you when you want them open to the world.

2. More natural light. Corner windows have larger surface areas than other window types. They are comparable to combining two regular windows. Stacking multiple corner windows on top of one another can maximize the amount of light that floods your home. Corner windows provide uniform natural light all day. Natural light can add to the aesthetic value of your indoor space.

3. Health benefits. Flooding your home with natural light has great health benefits. More natural light can increase vitamin D and improve sleep. It can also decrease the stress response that can accompany exposure to artificial light. Studies have also shown that being around natural life wards off seasonal depression during wintertime, when the sun sets much sooner than other times of year.

4. More curb appeal. A corner window can add a touch of fashion and contemporary architecture to your home. Architects have long used corner windows for exterior aesthetic appeal. They are a main draw of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Fallingwater home, for example. Installing corner windows can completely transform the look and style of your home – bringing it into the 21st century.

5. Increased property value. New windows almost always increase the property value of a home. They offer superior energy savings and longevity than outdated models. Corner windows, however, go the extra mile. They offer something unique and attractive to homebuyers. Installing even one corner window can give your home something others in the neighborhood don’t have – allowing you to sell your home for more.

Corner windows are a great choice in any room. They can brighten up a dreary space, such as a dark living room or outdated master bedroom. Any room that needs more day lighting can benefit from corner windows. The most popular rooms for corner window installation, however, are home offices, dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Your home and its occupants can take advantage of everything corner windows have to offer – as long as you work with the right installation company.

Choose Your Installer Wisely

Corner windows can improve your home immeasurably. Yet they will only reap attractive benefits if you choose the right window installer. The company you choose must be able to install these unique windows in a way that does not jeopardize the structural integrity of your home. They must also pay special attention to the corner joint, to ensure zero water leakage. The company you choose should have an architect or structural engineer to help you install corner windows into a new build or existing home.

Corner windows can offer energy savings for Michigan homes, but only with quality construction. Your installer should optimize energy efficiency by ensuring no leaks – of either air or water. The glass of your window should not let outdoor air in or indoor air out. Energy savings glass can decrease your heating and air bills by providing superior insulation. Even though your corner window meets in the edge, with or without window frame support, it should have a seamless junction with no leaks.

Furthermore, your builder should install your corner windows with safety and security in mind. Your corners windows should not shake or rattle in their frames. They should be strong, sturdy, and secure. Your corner windows should provide plenty of light and ventilation from right angles at one another for uniform light. Proper corner window installation by a professional will achieve everything you want and more in your corner windows. Make sure you select a window installation company you can trust for a job well done. Improve your home with corner windows today.

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