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Bay Windows Are More Stylish Than You Might Imagine

May 10, 2019

Bay windows can add space to your home while providing a visually appealing “shell” of glass. While these windows are often a feature in split-level homes of the 1970’s, they are making a significant comeback. Contemporary bay window designs are surprising, fresh, and intriguing. Sleek curves, sharp lines, and on-trend accents make them a top choice for window installations and home renovations this year. Boost your home’s curb appeal and livability with bay windows!

What Is a Bay Window?

A bay window projects outward from the wall of a home to form a bay within the room. Bay windows contain three or more window panels that form a shell. They jut out from the house to provide more interior space. The angled panes of a bay window provide a comfortable nook that many people use to sit or read. Bay windows are not the same as bow windows, although some people use the terms interchangeably.

The main difference is that a bay window has three panels, while bow windows consist of four or more windows joined together. Traditional bay windows have one fixed window in the center, with two smaller windows that can open for ventilation on either side. Bow windows, on the other hand, may all be either fixed or venting windows. Four or more panels come together to form a curved shape, much like that of a bay window.

A bay window is more angular, while a bow window has a rounded appearance from the outside of the home. The bay window is more popular in modern home designs, due to the sharp, angular lines and flat planes. The semi-circular shape of bow windows is more suitable for Victorian-era homes. Bay windows provide a bit more room inside the home compared to bow windows. A bow window, however, can wrap around the corner of a home, while a bay window cannot. The right choice for you depends on the design and benefits you desire.

Why Do People Install Bay Windows?

Bay windows are more common architectural choices in modern homes. A bay window will become the focal point of your home. A beautiful bay window makes a living space special. It stands out in all the right ways – from inside the home and from the curb. A bay window can give you and your home many different advantages, including:

• Sweeping exterior views. Swapping a typical window for a bay window can let more natural light into your home and give you a better view of the great outdoors. A bay window offers more viewing area than other types of windows. They are ideal choices for people in beautiful landscapes, or those who wish to look out on their lawns or neighborhoods.

• A warm, welcoming space. Bay windows often form reading nooks in living spaces. They are also popular in kitchens, to create an inviting breakfast nook. Bay windows fill a space with sunlight and warmth, inviting guests to come sit and relax. Installing a bay window can increase your interior footage and create a brand-new space for your family to use and enjoy.

• Improved curb appeal. Bay windows boost the curb appeal of your home by enhancing its exterior aesthetics. One or more bay windows give your home a unique, classy appearance that speaks of similar chic fashion indoors. Bay windows are an ornamented addition to a building, showing that the owners put in the extra work and money into making the home a beautiful, livable space.

• Higher home value. Replacing old windows will usually increase the property value of a home. New windows can increase energy efficiency, comfort, and security. Bay windows can go the extra mile by also increasing living space and adding a special touch to the home. Installing bay windows could allow you to list your home for a higher price.

Bay windows might be the right choice for you if you’ve been looking for something to make a room special. If you want to increase the livability of your living room, for example, a cozy bay window nook could be the perfect addition. Adding a bay window could also be right for you if you want to increase home value without a major renovation.

Bay Windows in 2019 and Beyond

It is a mistake to think of bay windows only as architectural features in older homes. Bay windows are versatile design elements that are common in new builds. They remain relevant thanks to innovations that have transformed traditional bay windows into new and unique home features. Residential bay windows can now take the shape of sweeping multi-story enclaves, sleek home additions with sharp, modern lines, or contemporary panoramic bays. Bay windows today can also come with unlimited design choices:

• Minimalist and contemporary
• Rounded or octagonal shapes
• Clean storage spaces and cabinetry
• Endless window treatment options
• Integrated shades and blinds
• Many different types of wood or vinyl settings
• Three to five window panels or more
• Custom angles and sizes
• Regular glass or fiberglass
• Fixed or vented windows

Bay windows can be extremely versatile if they have modern designs. Bay windows can serve as reading nooks, daybeds, benches, storage units, breakfast nooks, and built-in shelves. Their cocoon-like designs can become the focal point of any room. Add rich colors, textures, and fabrics to your bay window nook for a beautiful and inviting new space. You can design your ideal bay window with help from an experienced construction company near you.

How to Incorporate Bay Windows Into Your Home’s Design

Bay windows are popular additions to living rooms and other living spaces. Bay windows can make an entire home feel larger, brighter, and more open. The latest bay window styles are sure to inspire a new look and tone for your home. You can increase curb appeal and get better livability out of your home. Bay windows are far from outdated; modern designs and innovative features are bringing bay windows into the 21st century. Designing the right window for your home’s design may take help from an architect.

The perfect bay window for your home will depend on the style of the building, as well as your personal taste. A traditional three-panel canted bay window might be perfect in a traditional home, including Victorian-style houses. If your house is more Gothic, a bay window oriel might look more appropriate (almost always on a second story). A box-style bay window might be for you if you want to keep plants in your bay, or if you’re looking for a less expensive style. The bow bay window is one of the more traditional options.

If you want to stray away from traditional bay windows with seamless junctions provide clean lines and undisturbed views of the outdoors. You could also design your own, custom bay window for dramatic visual effects. Choose floor to ceiling bay windows for a wow factor, or encase a daybed with a large box-style bay window. Your options for modern bay windows are as limitless as your imagination with the right designer by your side.

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