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Are the Color and Finish of a Metal Roof Important?

Feb 18, 2019

When you choose to install a metal roof on your home, the design possibilities are endless. Metal roofs come in a wide variety of colors and finishing options, each giving a different aesthetic and practical quality for your home. While color and finish options provide maximum flexibility, these possibilities can be overwhelming. When you do not know what option to pick, where are you supposed to begin?

What Finishes Can I Choose From for My Metal Roof? ?

When you choose a metal roof, your roofer will apply a coating to its surface to add color and additional protection from the elements. Each finish brings different qualities to the surface of your roof, affecting durability and energy efficiency.

● Kynar 500 contains polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin, which is one of the most common materials found in metal roof finishes. This finish is extremely strong and provides protection against heat, chemical damage, and ultraviolet rays. Kynar 500 also retains color better than other finishes, resists chalking, and prevents fading, cracking, and peeling.

● HI-R Kynar 500 Heat Barrier Coatings offer both durability and energy efficiency, thanks to a reflective pigment technology not found in standard Kynar 500. This finish reflects infrared light and heat at a higher rate than other finishes, which helps reduce your home’s heat. In addition, you maintain the color protection and anti-fade qualities of Kynar 500. You decrease your home’s heat significantly and do not have to rely on your cooling system as much during warm weather. With this coating, you can see a reduction in your energy bills.

● Kynar 500 Thermobond is another form of PVDF-based Kynar 500 and gives the metal roof a textured wood quality. It mimics the look and feel of a real wood roof. The roofer applies the granulation through an electrostatic process for ultimate longevity.

What Colors Are Available for My Metal Roof? ?

When you choose a coating and finish for the roof after the roofers install it, you can choose a pigment to mix into it to give your metal roof its unique color. Choosing your color not only impacts your home’s aesthetic and style, but also how long your roof will last without fading.

You can choose from any color you desire to create the metal roof of your dreams. However, certain colors tend to perform better over time than others. Primary colors such as red, yellow, blue, and brighter colors need high saturation and just one pigment to create your desired look. This means that they tend to fade over time; if one area of pigment experiences any changes, this change will affect the overall look of the roof.

However, re-coating and repainting your metal roof is a simple process to restore the color if you opt for a bright, primary pigment. Metal roof colors with multiple pigments work best to avoid color shift and fading. These pigments include lighter colors and neutral colors, such as browns, grays, and creams.
Metal Roof Davenport  How Can the Color of My Metal Roof Impact My Home’s Aesthetic Value? ?

The color of the metal and finish that you choose for your home will greatly influence your property’s curb appeal. However, choosing the wrong color could seriously harm your aesthetic value. Consider the following when selecting a color for your metal roof:

● Brainstorm what colors would match the overall style of your property. Examine the colors of your siding, the styles and colors of your doors and windows, and your yard’s landscaping. You do not want to select a color that would clash with one of these elements – or any of your neighbor’s homes.

● Remember, metal roofs can last for a very long time – up to 80 years, in fact. While you may need a color refresh somewhere down the line, chances are your roof will retain its color for quite a while. Choose a color that you know you would be happy with for years to come. Neutral colors are always timeless, classic options.

● Some pigments look different in the bright sun than they do during darker or cloudier times of the day. Before you make a final decision on your metal roof color, take some samples and examine their colors in multiple types of lighting. You may love how your roof looks during dusk, but hate it during high noon. Avoid this by testing beforehand.

● Think about what aesthetic style you are trying to accomplish with your home. Do you want to create a bright contrast between your home’s siding and roof that will make your property stand out? Do you want to choose a monochromatic scheme with a roof color similar to the rest of your home? Do you want to create a sleek, modern design with a metallic color or no color finish at all? Whatever you want to accomplish, the color you choose can help you achieve your desired style.

If you are having difficulty choosing the right color for your metal roof, a metal roofing professional can help you identify the colors that would look best on your property.

How Does Metal Roof Color and Finish Affect Heating and Cooling?

Metal Roofing Grand Rapids MI

The color and finish of your metal roof can significantly influence your home’s energy efficiency. As discussed earlier, different finishes have different properties that decrease heat inside your home. Choosing a reflective coating will help deflect the sun’s rays during warm months, which reduces the amount of heat your home retains. As a result, you do not need to blast the air-conditioner as often or as high. You can see a significant reduction in your energy bills as a result.

In addition, the color you choose for your metal roof can also influence your energy efficiency. As a rule of thumb, choosing lighter-colored pigments will give you greater heat reflection since lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays. You can also choose specialty pigments designed to increase your roof’s heat reflection properties, so that you can opt for a darker color roof and still enjoy the same reflective qualities as lighter-colored pigments. Look for an Energy Star certification to find the best pigment for your roof.

Metal roofs provide unparalleled customization options for homeowners looking to boost their home’s style, property value, and energy efficiency. Work with a metal roofing professional to find the best metal roof color and finish for your home.

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