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A Guide to Choosing Windows for Your Home

Feb 28, 2019

Choosing a new window for your home can be a daunting task. The right replacement of a window can increase your home’s natural light, boost your curb appeal, and help lower your energy bill by reflecting heat and harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition, different windows provide different functions and aesthetic values for your home – from bay windows to single-hung windows and more, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

With so many styles available on the market, each with their own energy efficiency qualities, how do you know where to begin? Here’s a rundown of the most popular types of windows you can choose for your home’s next renovation.

Considerations for Your Window Installation?

Before you begin to decide what type of window you want to install in your home, brainstorm a few considerations regarding style, placement, and budget. Each type of window brings unique qualities to a space and different windows work better in different rooms. For example, you wouldn’t want to install garden windows in the bathroom – you need to ensure that you are making the correct window decisions for your home.

Consider the following factors before you choose which windows to install in your home:

● Which rooms would you like to install your window or windows in? This can help you determine what the goals for your windows are and which styles would work best in the spaces. You can install a window in any space you desire: the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and even the basement.

● What goals do you have for your windows? Do you want to increase air circulation in certain areas of your home? Do you want to add additional aesthetic value to your home’s exterior? Do you want to increase the amount of natural light in a room or provide an unobstructed view to your backyard mountain range? Different windows work best for different goals, and you can choose a window to fit your specific needs.

● What window aesthetics do you enjoy? You can choose from a variety of different shapes, frames, panels, and glazing. If you prefer large, single panels, a picture window would work best. If you enjoy a more intricate look, an arched or bay window would complement your home’s design.

● What climate do you live in? Different windows work better for warm, cold, and hot climates. For example, you want to choose a window with a low solar gain for hot climates so you do not get too much heat from the sun in your home. However, if you live in a cold climate, you want to choose a window with a high solar gain. Your window professional can advise you on which type of window, glazing, and paneling would work best for your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and specific needs.

Now that you have an idea of what type of window you are looking for, let’s look through some of the most common window designs you can choose for your home.

#1: Single-Hung Windows?

Single-hung windows are some of the simplest window designs on the market. They work best in kitchens and other spaces where you want a bright, airy environment. The bottom panel of the window, known as the lower sash, moves up and down to open. The top panel of the window, also known as the upper sash, does not open and remains stationary. On average, a single-hung window can cost anywhere from $170 to $360.

#2: Double Hung Windows?

Double hung windows are similar to single-hung windows in function and commonality; however, they have more complex mechanisms and cost more to make. Both the lower and upper sash can move up and down in a double hung window. On average, they cost between $300 and $850. Double hung windows also work best in kitchens and other common spaces to give an airy, bright feel to the space.

#3: Bay Windows?

Bay windows are stylish and romantic, but slightly more complex than single- and double hung windows. They create a small shelf in your room where you can place picture frames, plants, and other small objects; sometimes, you can even install a bay window seat. Most bay window designs have a flat windowpane in the middle flanked by two side windows angled between 30 and 40 degrees.

Bay windows are lovely in bedrooms and common spaces such as living rooms. However, they are significantly more expensive to install. On average, a bay window can cost between $1,150 and $3,550.

#4: Casement Windows?

Casement windows are another common window design found throughout a home, often in living rooms, dens, and kitchens. Casement windows open by swinging to the side or swinging up. Since they do not slide, window professionals can make casement windows out of solid glass. They allow for a bright, unobstructed view of your yard and any other scenic environments due to their design. On average, casement windows cost from $270 to $750.

#5: Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows vary in size, but maintain the same opening mechanisms. Usually, manufacturers make sliding windows out of two single windows. One window can slide over the other one to open. They usually have a horizontal configuration. Sliding window prices range from $320 to $1,300 based on the complexity of the design. They work best in neutral spaces, such as junior bedrooms, offices, and family rooms.

#6: Awning Windows?

Awning windows have a unique design compared to other windows on this list. They open by a mechanism that pushes the window outward, creating an angled eave outside your home. Awning windows work best in areas that get a lot of rain, since their design prevents rain from traveling into your home. Awning window installation can cost anywhere from $420 to $760.

#7: Skylight Windows?

Skylight windows can provide a complex and eye-catching design to many rooms in your home. Very few people have skylights, and it can seriously elevate your home’s aesthetic value. Window professionals install skylight windows on the ceiling, allowing your home to obtain more natural light. Skylight windows work beautifully in bathrooms to enhance a soft, bright environment. They can cost anywhere from $900 to $2,000.

#8: Egress Windows?

Are you concerned about safety in your home? If so, installing an egress window in your basement may be a good option for you. Egress windows are not for boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal; their purpose is to provide an escape route in case of an emergency. If a fire breaks out in your home and you cannot use the main door, you can climb through your egress window. Usually, professionals install egress windows in the basement. Installation costs range from $1,000 to $5,000.

#9: Storm Windows?

If you live in a cold climate and want an extra layer of protection from the elements, storm windows are the perfect choice for you. These are exterior windows that professionals can install in the same form as existing windows, adding an extra layer of protection from cold drafts and providing additional insulation. On average, storm windows cost between $200 and $460 to install.

#10: Picture Windows?

Do you wish you could see more of your lush backyard, the view of the local mountains, the city skyline, or another picturesque scene? Installing a picture window can give you unobstructed access to this view. These windows do not have any frames or breaks, and are made of a large single pane of glass. On average, picture windows can cost between $340 and $800 to install.

#11: Round Circle Windows?

Not a fan of the traditional square or rectangular window style? Opt for a circle window. You can choose between multiple types of nontraditional window styles, from round to half round to ellipticals and ovals. With a round window, you can implement a historical aesthetic to your home, paying homage to Victorian or Gothic style architecture. They can cost between $250 and $750.

#12: Bow Windows?

Bow windows are similar to bay windows in that they rely on a flat exterior and create a custom curvature to your room. They contain several panels that bow from the walls of your home and create a circular area along your home’s exterior, creating a romantic and castle-like effect. Bow windows work best in common areas of your home, such as living rooms and dens. Bow windows are more expensive than bay windows. On average, they can cost between $1,400 and $3,800 to install.

#13: Jalousie Windows?

Jalousie windows are unique, but affordable window styles, creating a modern look and feel to your home. They use many different slats of metal or glass, which can open similarly to a set of blinds. When flat, jalousie windows provide either an unobstructed view or a form of shading. All you need to do to open a jalousie window is crank a lever, and you can enjoy the effects.

Jalousie windows provide airflow and circulation in a room. They work best in common spaces and wide, open areas where you can benefit from air and sunlight. On average, jalousie windows can cost anywhere between $175 to $375 to install.

#14: Glass Block Windows?

Glass block windows are more decorative than they are functional. You can add a glass block window to a room to increase natural light and soften the atmosphere. Usually, glass block windows have a frosted coating or have a design on the glass for added privacy. These windows work best in bathrooms, basements, and other spaces where you want an additional level of privacy. The price of installation for glass block windows can range anywhere between $400 and $1,100.

#15: Transom Windows?

Like glass block windows, transom windows are also a form of accent, decoration windows. They can help you break up space in a room or add a unique focal point to a home. Most often, you see transom windows installed above doors or other windows. They add a very upscale, sophisticated look to a home.

Traditionally, transom windows have a semicircle design with a few decorative aspects, such as unique framing. However, they can also come installed in a square or rectangle design. On average, transom windows can cost anywhere between $200 and $575 to install in your home.

#16: Garden Windows?

Are you a lover of potted plants or want to start growing your own indoor garden? Then garden windows are the perfect accent for your home. Garden windows act as miniature bay windows that include shelving space for you to place your plants. They protrude from your home’s exterior to create a small greenhouse for your plants, allowing for adequate sunlight for optimal growth.

Garden windows are gorgeous accents to display your plant collection. They work best in dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, and other common spaces that get an adequate amount of sunlight. They can be very large and provide an unobstructed view of your backyard. On average, garden windows can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000 to install.

#17: Hopper Windows?

Hopper windows are small, compact windows that operate using a simple mechanism. They open from the top of the window rather than the bottom, and usually include a crank to tip them down. Usually, homeowners install hopper windows in bathrooms and basements since they are small and compact. In addition, hopper windows have minimal air leakage and great insulation. They can cost anywhere between $260 and $720 to install.

#18: Arched Windows?

Want to add a complex architectural element to your home design? An arched window is the option for you. Usually, arched windows do not open and have a rounded top design to add an aesthetic value to your home. They work best in common spaces that need natural light, such as living rooms. Arched windows can cost between $325 to $500 to install.

#19: Choose a Custom Window Design?

Unsure what option would look best on your home? Have a specific design in mind? You can always opt for a custom window design to maintain ultimate control over your home’s aesthetic. You can combine the best qualities of multiple types of windows and control the optimal level of energy efficiency. While the price of custom windows will be higher than other styles, you receive a window specially made for your home that no one else will have.

For best results with your home window replacement, seek professional installation today. A window professional can carefully measure your home’s specifications and make recommendations on style, energy efficiency, insulation, and more.

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