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7 Reasons Why Casement Windows Are Perfect for Spring in Pennsylvania

Mar 18, 2020

Pennsylvania homeowners need to think carefully about their home improvement projects due to the highly variable weather throughout the state each year. Winters tend to be very cold and snowy while summers can be blisteringly hot and humid. This variable weather can offer a lot of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors throughout the year, but it can also make home maintenance more difficult. The Harrisburg area in particular has one of the most variable annual climates with its central location in the state.

If you live near the Harrisburg area and need new windows on your home, spring can be the best time of year to replace them. The weather is most agreeable during the spring throughout most of Pennsylvania, and window replacement won’t take long when you choose a reliable and experienced contractor to do the job. If you’ve been reviewing your options for new windows in Pennsylvania, you may want to consider casement windows. These windows offer distinct advantages and some special benefits, especially for springtime in Pennsylvania.

What Are Casement Windows?

Double-hung windows are arguably the most popular windows in America, and they offer several advantages like easy cleaning, security, and great overall performance. However, casement windows offer distinct advantages that are worth reviewing. Unlike double-hung windows that slide open at the top or bottom, casement windows open outward like doors. There’s no dividing line between two sliding panels like you would see with double-hung windows, and casement windows are easy to customize to various sizes.

Casement windows have hinges that allow them to easily swing open by pushing, but some feature cranking mechanisms that allow owners to customize the exact angles of their window openings. Crank opening devices are ideal for casement windows with screens, maintaining the integrity of the screens while allowing owners to easily open the windows from the inside and allow the breeze into the house. Casement windows can offer several benefits to Pennsylvania homeowners.

One: Casement Windows Are Perfect for Hard-to-Reach Areas

If you want to install a window in a spot where it may be difficult to move a double-hung window’s sashes, a casement window with a crank opener can be the ideal solution. If your Harrisburg home has older kitchen windows over the sink and you find it difficult to open them, installing new casement windows can be a great workaround.

Two: Casement Windows Are Versatile

It’s easy to add casement windows to virtually any room in a home, from the living room to the laundry room or even a closet. You can configure them in set installations with two or more windows and choose how they open. It’s also possible to configure rows of tall casement windows for larger rooms, such as living rooms or dining rooms, that all open the same way, creating a cohesive visual effect every time you open them for more fresh air.

Casement windows work great as single windows in closets, utility rooms, garages, or small bathrooms. They can allow just enough of a breeze into these areas to prevent musty smells from accumulating while also allowing more natural light into these spaces.

Three: Casement Windows Offer Security Against Harsh Weather

Homeowners in the Harrisburg area of Pennsylvania are accustomed to harsh winters full of snow and ice, summer storms with lots of rain and high winds, and even hailstorms. Windows play important roles in protecting homes from the elements, and casement windows can help a homeowner prevent weather-related damage better than other types of windows. Casement windows open outward, so they have secure frames on their inner faces. When the wind pushes against the window it actually seals it tighter.

Four: Casement Windows Can Improve Energy Efficiency

The seal created by a casement window’s sashes also improves a home’s energy efficiency. This tight seal makes it difficult for air to escape, allowing the heating and air conditioning system of the home to run only as hard as it needs to in order to maintain the desired interior temperature. Additionally, these sashes prevent outside air from entering the home and altering the interior temperature.

Five: Enjoy Unobstructed Views

If you look outside through a double-hung window, you’ll notice the large dividing line in your view where the two sashes meet in the middle of the opening. A casement window is made from a single sash, so you can look through a casement window and enjoy an unobstructed view at any time. However, if you have other windows throughout your home with grills or muntin dividers, it’s easy to replicate this look with your new casement windows so that all your windows have a cohesive style.

Six: Casement Windows Are Easy to Clean

Cleaning double-hung windows can be a pain for many Pennsylvania homeowners. While some feature easy sash removal features, they can be tricky to take apart and reassemble for through cleaning. Their frames are also more complex to account for the two separate sashes. Casement windows, by comparison, have simpler frame construction that makes cleaning much easier.

Seven: Casement Windows Make It Easy to Enjoy Spring Weather

Spring in Pennsylvania can be beautiful and allowing it into the home is one of the best parts of living in the Harrisburg area. If you enjoy fresh air during the spring and need to upgrade or replace your windows anyway, casement windows can be the ideal solution and allow you to enjoy the breeze more easily.

You’ll find a wide range of customization options, and you might be surprised at all the different ways you can arrange your casement windows to get maximum value out of them. Take time before the spring to inspect your current windows and think about how you plan to use them during the spring months. If you recall having issues with your windows last spring, it might be time to consider a new window style that better suits your preferences and allows you to get the most out of Pennsylvania’s spring weather. Take time to speak with an experienced window installation team and review your casement window options, so you can determine the best solution for your needs and expectations this spring.

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