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5 Advantages of Vinyl Windows in Ohio

Dec 03, 2019

Windows are one of the most functionally important parts of any home. They can also make a huge impact on the overall aesthetic – both inside and out. Professionally installed and properly sealed windows help maintain inside temperatures in all kinds of weather, offer fresh air, and access to natural light. If you need new windows for your Ohio home or simply want to upgrade to efficient, affordable, and visually attractive windows, vinyl replacement windows are the ideal choice.

What Are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl is a versatile and highly resilient substance used in windows all over the world. This low-cost material first proliferated as a replacement for wood and aluminum during the 1960s after World War II drove up the cost of wood and aluminum for many manufacturing applications. The earliest vinyl windows were affordable and effective but not without problems. They lacked the UV protection that modern vinyl windows have and would often show discoloration, warping, and cracking after a few years of sun exposure. For many years, well-kept wooden windows routinely outperformed vinyl windows despite the latter’s lower cost.

Modern vinyl is made from a blend of chlorine and ethylene processed to form Polyvinyl Chloride or “vinyl” for short. It is a synthetic, plastic-like material that is highly resistant to humidity, moisture, and the decay that plagues other types of plastics, wood, and many metals. Vinyl is also recyclable, making it a sustainable option for many manufacturing applications.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

If you are planning to build a new home, fix up your current home, or simply need to replace your outdated or broken windows, vinyl windows are an excellent choice for several reasons:

● Vinyl is inexpensive. Vinyl is very easy to produce and manipulate for countless types of products, so it is one of the most affordable options when it comes to new windows.

● Vinyl is incredibly durable. As long as you purchase vinyl windows from a trustworthy manufacturer, high-quality vinyl windows will not fade, peel, or blister. The exterior will not require regular sanding, painting, and refinishing like wooden windows.

● Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free. Aside from simple regular cleaning, you won’t need to worry about any troublesome maintenance issues when you choose to install new vinyl windows.

● Vinyl windows are energy-efficient. Vinyl has naturally insulating properties, so you won’t need to worry about them costing you money in the form of lost heat or cooled air throughout the year.

● Vinyl windows are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Vinyl is easy to shape, so you can find vinyl windows in virtually any shape, size, or configuration you want.

Vinyl windows are not only affordable, but also versatile, energy-efficient, and highly cost-effective option for virtually any style of home. You can find vinyl windows in a wide variety of styles to fit your exact preferences, too.

Common Vinyl Window Styles

When it comes to choosing new windows for your home, selecting the material is just one step in the process. If you have already decided on vinyl windows due to their easy maintenance, durability, and overall value, then the next step is to determine what style of vinyl windows you want for your home. Remember, if you’re replacing old windows, there is no rule that you need to replace them with the exact same style of new windows. If you need to replace your windows, consider taking advantage of the opportunity to install new vinyl windows that fit your exact preferences.

Some of the most popular styles of vinyl windows include:

● Double-hung windows. This style of window includes two sashes that can slide up and down, allowing you to open the window from the top or the bottom. These windows are perfect for bedrooms because they allow you to easily control airflow in and out of a room. In the summer, opening the top can allow warm inside air to escape and during cooler days, opening the bottom can allow a refreshing breeze inside.

● Casement windows. If you prefer windows that open completely without obstructing your view with a central seam, casement windows are a great choice. These windows have vertical hinges on one side and open like doors. Casement windows can be perfect for capturing the breeze as it passes by your home.

Bay and bow windows. These three-dimensional window configurations are not only beautiful, but can also create some additional space inside a home. A bay or bow window typically consists of one large central pane flanked by two narrower panes connected angularly.

● Sliding windows. Sliding windows allow you to easily open the window to allow fresh air inside and can provide stunning aesthetic results for many different styles of homes. Most sliding windows can slide open from either side, making them essentially double-hung windows arranged horizontally instead of vertically.

● Hopper and awning windows. Think of these windows as horizontal casement windows. An awning window will open outward, potentially allowing you to let fresh air inside during a rainstorm without allowing rain into the home. Hopper windows are the same, but open inward in the opposite direction.

● Specialty windows. If you want to redesign the windows of your home, you aren’t constrained to only angular square and rectangular windows. You can purchase specialty vinyl windows in oval, full circle, half round, and quarter round configurations. If you prefer a traditional aesthetic, gothic or cathedral specialty windows can be a stunning addition to your home.

No matter what type of home you have, you have countless options when it comes to installing new vinyl windows. Stick with a standard configuration for a cost-effective option that’s easy to maintain or reimagine the entire window system of your home with new vinyl windows in a virtually limitless number of options.

Vinyl Windows Offer Excellent ROI

Windows are one of the most important parts of any home. If you need new windows or simply want to upgrade your existing windows, vinyl windows are a fantastic option thanks to their minimal maintenance requirements, versatility, and energy efficiency. You can also find them in a wide variety of beautiful colors and wood finishes to fit any type of design.

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