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2022 Window Treatment Trends In Norfolk Virginia

May 21, 2022

2022 is full of new and exciting trends that are sure to make your Virginia home feel welcoming and help you embrace your unique style. There is one element of your home that impacts both the interior and exterior of your home — your windows. Your windows play a vital role in both your curb appeal and the interior design of your home. When it comes to the latest trends of 2022, you’ll love what is making waves when it comes to your windows.

Black Frames and Hardware

Black has been trending over the last few years and shows no sign of slowing down. Black is popular for both the interior and exterior framing of your windows. Black frames can add a subtle pop to any space and can complement any wall color. You’ll never have to worry about your color palette choice when using black as a complementary color.

While black framing has been popular for years, black hardware is a new popular trend for 2022. When it comes to hardware, most homeowners tend to default to brown or white. While these colors can look great, they are rather dull and typical. When looking for small ways to stand out, white, wood, or black frames can look great with black hardware. Like black frames, black hardware can add a subtle color pop that can create cohesion throughout your entire home.

Play With Color

While black is a popular option for window framing, color is also making a significant impact in trending designs. Colors such as browns, grays, blues, and bronzes are hues that many homeowners find themselves attracted to. Two-toned window frames and sash combos create a bold contrast that is sure to impress both inside and out.

Make Rooms Unique

In 2020, we were forced to spend a lot of time inside. This pushed Norfolk homeowners to reconsider the different rooms of their homes. Rooms had to be transformed to accommodate a space to work, relax, and educate. This sparked a desire to take a step away from room conformity. In 2022, design style is all about having unique rooms that have their own personality and mood. Window treatments can play a major role in creating unique spaces. You can experiment with different trim colors and shades to create different moods throughout your home.


Window treatments that are eco-friendly and use locally sourced materials continue to rise in popularity, and for good reason. More homeowners are actively seeking upgrade options that are eco-friendly and sustainable. The impact we have on our environment is a significant concern to have. That is why consumers are striving to purchase items that are more eco-friendly. When it comes to window treatments, one of the most popular trends is cellular shades. Cellular shades have temperature control abilities and an innovative design that allows you to either open the shade from top to bottom, or bottom to top. The unique structure of these shades provides a layer of insulation, helping to minimize heating and cooling costs. If you are looking for more light, roller shades or blinds are another great eco-friendly way to go. They provide UV-ray protection mechanisms, while also still providing ample light. These blinds are great for living rooms, hallways, and dining rooms.

Window Trends for the Kitchen
Beautiful kitchen cabinet with marble top and steel sink

The kitchen can often be overlooked when it comes to window treatments, yet it is often the most used room in the house. When it comes to making your kitchen look great, it is best to avoid fabrics like curtains and drapes. These window treatments tend to wear easily, especially when exposed to heat and humidity. When looking for a fresh new look, faux wood blinds or shutters are popular in 2022. They are low maintenance, easy to clean, and provide a natural wood feel.

Arched Windows

Traditionally, residential homes often have square or rectangular windows. In 2022, arched windows are making their way boldly into residential areas. Arched windows are often seen in churches, schools, and commercial buildings. If you are looking to change the way your home looks both inside and out, you can go bold with arched windows. Arched windows provide extra light and can be customized with intricate designs that create fascinating light patterns in your home. These window types can add balance to your home, especially if your home consists of mainly straight lines.

Blackout Curtains and Shades

A woman stands in front of a large window opening the draperies.

We need sunlight. It provides us with much-needed vitamin D and helps boost our mood. However, there are certain times when we want to know we can keep light out. Blackout curtains are available in eco-friendly fabrics, as well as a multitude of colors. These curtains are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and offices. When you want to keep your space dark, blackout curtains are the best option. They can also help regulate temperature.

Chunky Trim

Windows need a great-looking frame or trim to really create a full look. For the exterior, this often involves shutters, and for the interior, trim. In 2022, one popular trend for making windows pop is to use chunky trim on both the interior and exterior of your home. This sets your windows apart and draws attention to them. Paired with a great color and hardware, your windows are sure to make a statement.

Window Treatment Automation

Home automation is growing in popularity. It provides full customization, as well as adds a layer of security. Motorized window treatments are simple and easy to use. Most are controlled either through a remote or a mobile app. This provides complete control of windows throughout your home. You can set your blinds to your schedule. You’ll love your windows opening automatically when it is time to wake up or closing when you are returning home late. You can even control them when you are out of the home. Most systems come with an auto-brake system that ensures the safety of your family and pets.

Have Fun With It

When it comes to popular window trends of 2022 in Norfolk Virginia, the most important aspect is keeping it unique to your personality and taste. Whether you want to go bold with different color palettes, invest in eco-friendly blinds, or install a new window, you can’t go wrong.

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